Ludia, please give baryonyx another hybrid

Ludia, many players are waiting for baryonyx to get another hybrid, sure we know tryostronix exists and tryostronix is a great legendary dinosaur and is relatively strong, however, many players have already got it to lvl 30. I know some people may be new to the game and may find baryonyx useful. However, us end-game players have thousands of thousands of baryonyx dna that they find useless. Please Ludia, for the next patch, give baryonyx 1-2 more super hybrids or give it 1 regular hybrid and have that regular hybrid have a super hybrid. Here are some suggestions for baryonyx hybrids:

(Allosaurus + baryonyx)
Defense shattering strike
Ready to crush
Armor piercing impact
Defense shattering rampage

Immune to deceleration

4200 HP
1400 DMG
30 crit
0 armor
116 SPD

(Triceratops gen 1 + allonyx)

Decelerating strike
Greater stunning impact
Ready to crush
Defense shattering rampage

4500 HP
1300 DMG
20 crit
15 armor
114 SPD

(Alankylosaurus + baryonyx)

Superior vulnerability
Long invisibility
Ready to crush
Defense shattering rampage

Immune to vulnerability and deceleration

4200 HP
1400 DMG
118 SPD
30 crit
30 armor

(Procerathomimus + baryonyx)

Nullifying strike
Distracting rampage
Defense shattering impact
Evasive stance

3600 HP
1400 DMG
20 crit
0 armor
127 SPD

That way, baryonyx is valuable DNA :slightly_smiling_face:.


I saw a very interisting superhybrid, the fusion between barionyx and dimodactilus, the dimodaconyx, but I dont remember moves and stats

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Oh yeah, my friend Sarcasmosuchus made that hybrid if I can remember, I don’t think he’s on the forums though.

I need Phorusaura + Bary
First Bary model Unique

HP: 3900
DMG: 1400
SPD: 127
Armor: 0%
Crit: 30%

Superiority Strike
Ready to Crush and Dodge (+50% Dmg, +30% Crit, 50% dodge for 1 turn)
Instant DSR (d:1 cd:2 - priority, destroys shields and bypasses armor 2x dmg)
Rampage and Run

Swap in Stun
Immune to Swap Prevention

The more use for bary, the more I’ll start grinding for it :wink:

I know its not possible but mixing tryo with stegoceratops would be awesome art-wise. Id keep the stegoceratops “frame” but add in the colors of tryo with a little more jaw/killer eyes/carnivorous traits of tryo. Would make 1 nightmarish looking dino!

I have 25k+ Baryonyx so I’m certainly all-aboard for making something out of it.

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Bary and t rex