Ludia Please give some love to Erlidominus & Ardentismaxima

Dear Ludia,

Please give much needed buff to Erlidominus & Ardentismaxima.

They are both fan favorites and are hard to create but are not doing too well in the arena.

I don’t care what it is that you do to buff them but please make them both arena relevant again.

The creatures that really need buffs are poukandactylus and antarctovenator.


Ardentis actually not so much need, depend on the 30% critical, it could somehow doing as good as Gemini under some situation. Skoona is the one really need buff, even skoola is more useful than this upper hybrid.

Yes Erlidom is not good enough, but how about Indoraptor? The last boss of JW2…LOL


Wow, Maxima is likely one of the best dino right now… Yes for the last two months it’s been harder to create, but the reason it’s so popular is simply because before 2.0, it was really easy to create, so everybody has one in their team. It’s bordeline OP as it is, so buffing it would make it totally OP in my book…


They dont need buffs. Theu are very much arena relevant. The only change i would suggest is giving erlidominus persice rampage to he more like erlikosaurus


maybe benefit from additional Health like erlikosaurus?

I agree that poukandactylus and antarctovenator needs a buff too but that does not change the fact that so does Erlidom and Maxima. Uniques should be stronger than epics and legendaries and many are underpowered even weaker than some epics.

You see with crit its rng I dont like luck based battle. take off the crit chance and give it proper stats.

Erlidom is fine imo, it’s the massive amount of resiliants that cause trouble for her. Maxima can certainly hold her own in the arena, high health and good damage and a decent crit rate.


And let’s not forget that erlidom has the same crit chance as thor.

Crit is luck based. Id rather have more health like erlikospyx than crit.

On Ardentis, you can’t just like “please make this creature stronger because I love it soooo much”, and ignore those actually weaker and really need buffed creatures.
(Skoona, Antarc, Indoraptor, what ever bird?)


indoraptor is way too easy to create thus we cant say “please make this creature stronger because I love it soooo much” . I never claimed I love Maxima so much I actually like Gemini more. these two creatures are not doing so well in higher arena, check and see how many top players have erlidom or maxima.

Personally I love those sauropod unique creatures, and obtain both lv30/full boosted Gemini & Ardentis, but in this article you only mentioned Ardentis…

That’s why I am confused. Actually after hp buffed, Ardentis & Gemini almost performing the same strength in PvP. So if you only ask for buff Ardentis, that would easily make it surpass Gemini.

cough Trago has only strikes unlike amargoceph which has iit and impacts cough


Maxima can lose to DCProcerato.

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Ardentis is pretty common (in lockwood anyway), and it’s a very consistent creature. It’s extremely hard to knock one out with one creature and is very strong as a trade with a more dangerous creature…and it has very few truely awful matchups (most notably faster tenonto, bleeders, Gemini, etc). Imo you’re probably reacting to the boost needs it has, which are pretty significant due to it needing to soak damage from sometimes wildly atk boosted creatures. Erlidom is also in an ok spot (but I like precise rampage), the revenge cloak is insane for punishing swappers and the moveset keeps up amazing momentum. Only weakness is that it’s hard bodied by tryko and other common resilients…which is fine

I have both Maxima and Gemini. same boosts, (Maxima is 3 levels higher) whenever Maxima is drawn in the battle team I worry and end up losing but with Gemini I’m happy. Maybe its just me.

In the top 20 noone has Erlidom, 8 people have woolly rhino (epic) and 3 people have entelochops (epic). I just think that many uniques are underpowered and need to be reworked.

Ardentismaxima is fine, but erlidominus needs a buff. I’ve been using it and it’s not been shining to brightly recently. It needs a 100% Speed Reduction immunity and maybe a slight health boost

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