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Ludia please listen to the Alliance Rush winners Legion of Storm


Hello everybody,

before you start the flame concerning our tactic within the alliance rush, please read this post.

@Ludia_Developers you need to change the matchmaking and league system to reward all players who play active fairly and increase the game quality for new players.

There are two opportunities (maybe a third if you combine the following) to develop games and achieve the Players. The following videos describes how each works.

To sum up:

The first is "positive feedback loop", where players who are already good, get the most rewards out of the game. This is the way how the normal season and the game jwa works (darting with increasing level, seasonal reward, more strike events to beat).

The big players get the better rewards even if they don’t really need them.

This causes that the gap between new players and older players gets even bigger.

The second is "negative feedback loop, where players who are new to the game and weak get better rewards than the longer playing and stronger players. This causes, that the gap between new players and older players behaves really small.

I think Ludia shall use a combined loop system, where of course the players who play the game longer, get the better rewards. But the gap between a new player and the old players is just to big and not reachable if someone starts with the game.

How Ludia can fix this?

Ludia can create multiple divisions depending on the trophy number/player level.

Every Player needs to fight 10 fights at the start of a season to get ranked in the division. Every division has their own rewards, so that even new players get some rewards at the end of the season.

Everyone who is active playing needs to get rewarded. The players who are the most active needs to get additional stuff. This shall cause that a new player who is playing more active than an older one gets more than the older one.

2nd Opportunity:

They shall create tournaments where everybody has access to every dino and the dino level is scaled in the fights. If this happens every Player (new or old) has the same chance of winning prices. Additionally, you need several divisions where everybody gets a reward when he did at least one fight during the season. The better and more active Players of course shall get a better reward.

For the normal leaderboard how we know it, everybody who reached a certain amount of trophies shall get a reward (like they do it in brawl stars or clash royale). This reward needs not to be as big as the tournament reward, just additional goodies.

The current alliance rush shows even more, that the players who are already strong have the best opportunity to win such a rush, because they can simply drop down and fight against lower players. Lower ranked Players do not or only have this opportunity in a smaller way, because they cannot rank down as much as the higher players.

Strike Events:

For Strike events it is the same. Older and stronger players have the best opportunity to win Strike Events. If you win one you get good epic rewards. For new players or not so strong players the most epic strike events are really hard. From my point of view these Strike Events shall be scalable, so that every player can decides if he plays against an easy (epic, Level 15), medium (epic Level 22), or a hard (epic level 30 like it is now) Strike event. Of course, the reward for easy, medium and hard should be different. But at least every player can beat the strike event and get a reward.

Please @Ludia_Developers try to redevelop the league/ranking/matchmaking system to reward every active player fairly and try to improve the rewards and the experience for new players.

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to ask.


while I don’t really like the “strategy” that most alliances used this tournament I respect you and congrats for the victory :slight_smile:
Hopefully the alliance rush 2.0 will have some changes so that lower level players can still enjoy the game and higher level players can still grind and compete with each other.


Hi stormy,i remember meeting you down to 3300 trophies.
I don’t blame you personaly but ludia should have done something to prevent trophy drop before the competition.
I guess now the mistake have be done,we can talk about how to fix it and you got some nice ideas to prevent it.
I just hope ludia won’t repeat the mistake at the end of march.
Half of my team just dropped the game while the competition


Congrats for showing Ludia how wrong and unbalanced their event was.


Or it shows how some are ready to prey on new players without mercy and without thinking it’s bad for the game (a game losing players is not healthy…)

While I agree with the tiered thing and the reward system overview (we see it since the beginning but not in ludia’s plan it seems) that doesn’t make up for the damage to the community.

You didn’t win something metahub and us didn’t. But with metahub we can say we try to help the community and new players instead of making them quit the game.


TeaRex didnt drop either :sweat_smile:

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Well, at least someone cared about this tourney, I sure didn’t, nor did I have a single match the entire time. :sunglasses:

Ludia is the king of adding new content, without actually adding any new content. Hope this trend does not continue…


Or you know, you could just battle where you are like everyone else did. Then none of the lower players would have to worry about it because they would just be playing against opponents they normally face in those arenas.

No one made you de-rank so I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to prove here. There were several posts and screenshots of your alliance members in the 2500-3500 range with their level 26-30 dinos. I will agree that this “event” was easily exploitable, but if you did what you did just to send a message, you are sending the wrong message.


Please take responsibility for your actions rather than failing to justify a weak move :wink:

I believe this is your level 30 Indo bullying someone’s level 16 indominus in badlands??

Fighters can technically hit each other in the nads in the octagon … but there’s a reason they don’t.



I did over 80 battles (I didn’t count wins) alone… I can just imagine that half of my alliance did same… and 80 wasn’t such a big deal.


This past competition was deranged.
Blaming droppers for ruining the game is exactly like blaming spoofers for ruining the game.

None of you stop to think that Ludia not only seems to look the other way, but actually appears to condone it. They have the means to prevent this type of conduct, but choose not to.
They gave spoofers their own arena.
They made a better DracoG2 with Dracoceratops.
They designed a competition that rewarded the most wins in arena.

But, keep blaming human beings for being human beings and give the developers a free pass.

Ludia makes and enforces the rules.

Human beings use available competitive advantages. Always have, always will.


If Ludia have any sense , they won’t waste theirs or anyone else’s time with such a pointless challenge again . I know it’s pencilled in for later this month , but there’s no reason not to cancel it is there ?
I ask this question to the op . Was it really worth it ?

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Your welcome.


Give me a break. You guys exploited a loophole, trashed on the lower players, and are now trying to make some half-a**ed lesson out of it? Nothing you say hasn’t been said before about tourneys, tier systems, spoofers, etc…

You screwed everyone and as Hersh alluded to, kicked everyone in the nads.

You might have something good to say, but when I have no respect for someone, it doesn’t matter.


All I have to say is:
Don’t try to cover an unethical behavior by blaming the rules aren’t perfect.


you got away with it… no rule to stop it yet so you exploit it fine… take your winnings goodbye no congrats… when the devs get it right and this is a non issue then lets see what you got. im not going to make my proposal of how to make the game better on this post… because the first thing id mention is to get rid of ppl like you that exploit the system. the audacity :man_facepalming:


LEVEL CAPS. This is the solution.


Not taking a dump on lower level players is always an option too. :o


We’ll agree on morals.
Since morals aren’t universal, we’ll have to set ground rules.
I’ll start
No bleeders.
No spoofers.
No Draco.
No dropping.

Now, how do we handle rule breakers?


If the system offers the opportunity to do so then why don’t do it?
At least you can say that the majority of this alliance derank before this rush and now get back in their habitat.
But there are other characters in this game who drop not for testing dinosaurs, find an opponent in time or farm arena exclusive DNA they just stomps the players that were lower than them. As an example in Ruins a Diplotator at lvl 27 owned by a player lvl 19 and that was his weakest creature…
And this is the real issue that needs to be stoped. People who derank to smash easy prey just for sport.
Legion of storm got not this intention of gameplay as stormi tolds.

Don’t blame the guys. Blame the system

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