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Ludia please listen to the no hybrid, equal level winner

Here’s how you can make future tournaments better -

Naw just kidding, i ended with like 125 medals cause why fight in a broken tourney. But I think we can all agree that this was an awesome display of incompetence.

As for attacks on AP… man… it’s been brutal to watch. Sure it sucks, and I don’t believe for a second anyone thought it was supposed to be like that… and sure, there’s some hippocracy there but every single person alive has screwed up, lied, and was a hippocrit about something… All of you, me for sure… I’m just glad my screw ups weren’t on this forum (and there’s a lot… trust me… I’m world class in the screw up department, baby). Maybe we can save some of the venom for the people who gave us this wonderful steamy pile of a release and just let the hit to their reputation be what it is… I’m way more interested in how ludia fixes this broke tournament, and good suggestions (like the 10 boosts per dino suggestion) on how to salvage this entire release.

Someone cheated and got 30000 hard cash. There’s plenty of people in these forums that are in the top 10 and top 50, so they kept actively exploiting it. Handing out those winnings has broken the game and ludia has very few options on fixing that. I’m sure a lot of those winners started spending right away, knowing there was a chance it was going to be taken back… And I can’t see ludia going over all the transactions and removing them, especially if there’s dna fuses and such. Maybe the only way to make it fair is to top every player up to the 30k mark.

As for the rest of this release, I’d love to hear more ideas like the stats boost idea someone gave to make this a game people want to play instead of… what ever this is…

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