Ludia - please lower alliance mission requirements


My alliance had been reaching Exploration rank 5 and Defense rank 4 (the only realistic rank for most alliances due to the excessive 4,000 battle requirement from 4 to 5) consistently until just recently; now it has become a real struggle to get to Exploration 5.

We’re an active, 50-member alliance with 13 members > 5,000 trophies, 21 > 4,500, 29 > 4,000 and 38 > 3,500. We should have no difficulty reaching 5/4, especially since we did before. So what is happening?

From what I have read and heard from other alliances we’re not the only active, full alliance having this problem lately. We have really tried - encouraging members to contribute, offering recognition and incentives for our top contributors, etc. But it hasn’t helped much and despite a major effort by our most active members last week we just barely reached Exploration 5 in the last hour (Defense 4 hasn’t been a problem; we like to battle).

So what are alliance leaders supposed to do? Everyone is concerned about inactives, i.e. members who have stopped playing this game. But we still have no means to find out who they are. Does a 0 trophy count mean that a player is inactive, or just not interested in the arena but contributing in other ways? Should we kick out all newer players - say, below 2,500 trophies - and try to “steal” each others’ most active players? None of these options are good and fair, of course (and I would never do this!) but I can see some alliances considering this.

I could go on and on but this post is long enough as it is. So here is my point:

Some of the alliance mission requirements are just too high and should be lowered to give every full, active alliance (which should be able to have a certain percentage of newer players) a chance to meet Exploration 5 with reasonable, but not excessive effort.

The most difficult requirements are the following and need to be lowered:

450,000 rare DNA
32,000 darts fired

Also, please make it possible for us to reach Defense rank 5 by decreasing the 4,000 battle requirement.

Thank you for your consideration.


I agree with this… what i ended up doing is telling my alliance i was kicking everyone with 0 trophies at the end of the week.

Doing one match in a single week isnt to much to ask considering they get the defense incubator… however i can only currently do that once a month.

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The sino missions are easy. Its just time to let go of people who are only playing the game once a week. One alliance that i know of, they have their members sign in daily on their discord and show their daily incubators being opened.
You can find your own way to see who is playing at least a little bit every day even by just saying hello to everyone regularly and see if they say hi back.

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Without reading all of that I agree with the title.

My alliance has always hit exploration rank 5 and defense rank 4.

We just can’t knockout the 4k battles and 2k incubators.

This week I’m pushing for it hard. We’ve got people working together and trying. I’ve battled for hours last night and today. Win or lose I don’t care. Just to get battles in. Now I’m afraid we will hit the 4k battles possibly by non stop fighting but not get the incubators.

It’s too much work and not enough fun. I understand it’s not supposed to be easy but it’s a little too hard. I know it gets completed weekly by some alliances but for us average alliance it isn’t possible. Probably the majority of players.

Please consider revamping the amount of battles and incubators opened on rank 4 defense.

Also the amount of rare dna on rank 4 exploration would be nice to be lowered some too.

Thanks for your time.


I agree the rank 4 missions for battles and incubators for defense seriously need to be lowered I don’t know of any alliance who has completed these ones as yet.

As for the rare mission on rank 4 exploration that is beyond a joke.

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