Ludia, please make a difference to the lives of the players :(

Ludia please add the giganotosaurus as it pertains to the movie. Please add mapusaurus because its my favorite dinosaur please :frowning:


And please fix the long standing bugs because it hurts my heart when my game crashes

Please add the mapusaurus. I always watch documetaries about it… and it’s my favorite dinosaur

Is it falling? Is JWA falling? The lack of the old dinosaurs like mapusaurus and giganotosaurus. The long standing bugs… IS IT FALLING?

Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us, ScorpiusMek! I would love to see Giganotosaurus in our game as well. :sunglasses:

Although I can’t promise anything, I would be happy to share your feedback with our team.

Also, Albertosaurus is my favourite dinosaur.


Giga will most likely come with the Dominion update



I assume giga will come in June probably, along with the movie


Yea I think so too

if it doesn’t come out… impossible

And please give us a bunny boss. We have/had snake boss, sloth boss, bird boss, croc boss, turtle boss, tiger boss, mammoth boss and goat boss already #RabbitofCaerbannog

Yes please, but I would like to be equipped with a holy hand grenade before I enter such an endeavour.

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I’m sure it will come. Dino’s from Doninion are most likely going to come from this game as it has with the 2 other Jurassic World movies

Ok, Thanks!

Stop crying plz this is such a pointless post


I don’t think the absence of one dinosaur is causing the game to “fall”. My favorite dinosaur isn’t in the game, yet that isn’t an issue for me and I still enjoy playing it. Ludia should be more focused on balancing, bug fixes, and game performance than adding specific creatures.


Mapusaurus isn’t in the game yet, shock horror1!!!
In reality it would be another large theropod, which don’t have much diversity.