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@ludia. Please make a statement about the update

This update has clearly got many many flaws, much misinformation and is rich in bugs.
Please make a statement ASAP to let us know about what intentions are/were and what and when fixes will be made.


We are working on fixes to the bugs, and updating the release notes as errors are found.

Keith, Where?

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I have been updating here Update 17 - Blackstaff & Balance however I have not received any new information. This morning the team is still working on a fix.

I know this is a counter productive response, but I’m going to say it anyway. At my job, when there is a problem, we work day and night to fix it. We work weekends. I’d be incredibly surprised to see anything happen over the weekend if the problem isn’t fixed by EOB today based on past experiences.

I’m not threatening to cancel my VIP membership. I still like the game well enough and find the rewards worth the price. But it seems that your player base (not just a few of the more verbal community members) is getting more and more frustrated from what I can tell from conversations and various forums. They don’t feel valued or respected. They are considering alternate ways to spend their free time.

The fact that it feels like every week the percentage of pvp battles versus bots compared that of humans increases. I find it hard to come to any conclusion other than the fact that the player base is dwindling. Even if the matchup algorithm was adjusted, there aren’t enough humans at a given time to meet the matchup criteria.


Any advice on how to get to play bots more often? I prefer them to humans. Easier to beat, and they don’t try to talk or use emotes on me.


Bots don’t give enough medals but till you learn and get the right gear, bots will give you experience at least.

I only play because I have to for certain things. I hate PvP. What I hate more is having to play five or six times and waste half an hour on it.


Any league after burnt bone at the reset will have more bot matches than humans. 1st day of an event there’s usually more humans than bots but as people complete the events you’ll get more bots than humans. Push your trophies up to Burnt bone league. But you may have really tough matches for events any higher than Burnt bone league which is why you still see people way over leveled and geared in burnt bone at the end of the season when they should have climbed already. But the event matchmaking algorithm punishes you for increasing your Highest Trophies score so it’s at least somewhat understandable why People that have played a long time choose to just stay at low trophies… sad but human nature is the path of least resistance. If the event matchmaker was different people would just find some other path of least resistance…

Agreed pvp is so broke it’s not fun. There is nothing more frustrating than having your opponents constantly hit critical hits, kills, dominate while you miss or get low hits. I just played agains a person whose paladin hit his deathward (and filled his life up) 6x! That is par the course with this app!

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@Keith I meant to ask this sooner. I received four individual in game messages with Laerdals gifts as compensation for the issues after the update. I opened and collected two out of the four. The remaining two disappeared. Curious as to whether I just got lucky by being able to open two? Or whether I was supposed to in fact get all four?

The other 2 were gold and gems so you probably didn’t notice them.

Thanks @KnotAGuru. I got a legendary out of one of the gifts so I felt reasonably well compensated with that alone. Coupled with the fact that the issue was resolved before the weekend.

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Unfortunately you joined the game in its decline.

I run a gulld and a year ago we would have 20 people a day ask to join, past 5 months, not 1.

It’s been explained in agonizing details what the community is experiencing, what they wish changed but they are ignored.

If the people playing the game are dismissed, one thing happens… they leave and play another game.

It’s a slow process, as usually a lot of time has been spent on the game and hoping they matter and their voices will be heard, they hang on and hang on, until eventually they leave, NEVER to return.

Spending/vip usually stops first.

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Agree! While I did love the game it’s now so broken with zero customer support that I’ve noticed a decline in participating. What other apps are there out there that are similar?

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I quit playing with this update. I grab my free chests and do my donations and log out. Maybe one day someone will actually take the time to fix all this. I think in their rush to get a new character to market $$$$ they didn’t take the time to actually beta test or run through their own update before they released it.


Exactly what I do too :slight_smile:

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Pvp I findvery fun, when it’s relatively balanced. Crazy characters ruin that immensely.

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Right now I am having to uninstall and reinstall the game each time I start it up. I can’t think of a worse bug to have. How many times will people do that before they just uninstall it and be done.


One time, if something is that bugged it’s not worth the hassle of doing that over and over again - especially not for a casual game that is designed to be dipped in and out of several times a day. Fortunately this bug hasn’t happened to me, but as a general rule if a mobile game/app becomes that faulty the average user will just stop trying and move onto something else.

We live in an attention economy and things that people view worthwhile spending their time on will win out every time over negative and frustrating experiences.

Revin, I can completely sympathise with you as you are clearly one of the ones who has just been getting on with playing the game for the last year and not complaining like the rest of us. So if it’s got to the point where those with a better tolerance threshold than the rest of us are threatening to quit - then it’s time for the developers to seriously pay attention.