Ludia, please make Strike Towers look different

There are currently 4 different strike tower events happening right now. It’s getting bit difficult to identify what that tower offers. We have to literally click on it to view what’s inside of it. Few of them are same standing right next to each other.

Can we get an icon/logo/different appealing color or something directly on the outside of the tower?



And again, Ludia once we complete a strike event have them vanish like you do with the chests of gold. You do it with that, you can do it with the strike towers too. It’s like you enjoy seeing your players get ticked off.


Tapping on the tower doesn’t really take much effort does it?

I agree with strike towers vanishing when you successfully complete them like treasure chests. If you fail to win a strike tower then it can stay there greyed out like it does now because you still have the opportunity to pay hard cash to re-try.

Also whilst we’re on the topic of strike towers, Ludia, can you please, please, please have them so that when you do 1 out of lets say 10 battles that it takes you back to the strike tower battle screen and not the bloody street view. I don’t have time to waste hanging around on streets to do 10 battles with it going into the battle, then I win, it comes back to the street, I then have to wait for the tower to reappear then tap on it, then tap battle, then select my team again… just have it go back to the battle screen to select your team!

Instead of spending time coming up with a lame halloween event, yes it is lame, don’t get me wrong I was looking forward to it until it arrived, please do something that is more quality of life for the players.

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Sure, tapping doesn’t take much effort. But tapping on all four every time you open the app?
I mean, I cannot keep the app open for entire time till I compete all the events. Also, these events might not be nearer to you. So we should pick the one that best fits in our work-break life.

Also for me, all the strike events might not matter. Esp with the birds. As you mentioned, standing on a street to get 5 battles and all you get is Bird Dna. I am not really interested in birds considering Low 40s here and those DNA doesn’t fit in my deck. So if something stands-out on a strike event, that would be really good to identify them.

And as per your concern goes, it makes sense to go back to the street after each battle considering you might not be near the tower. But, I would love to play all battles after tapping it once(for all 10 battles). Hope Ludia listens to these two requests and consider them for the next patch.

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It doesn’t make sense. If anything it would make sense to go back to the tower screen and it just says move closer, then you just tap the ‘X’.