Ludia please make Tournament Rewards logical!

We definitely need another rank between top #5000 and top #1000 and between top #50 and top #10
To get from 5000 to 1000 you need 250% more effort than to get from 10000 to 5000 and only for the same increase in rewards.
The rewards don’t make up for the immensely increased effort. We definitely should have an extra reward level at #2500 and #25.

These are the DNA rewards. Possibly the same is happening for the other tournaments, I can’t tell ATM.


I am not quite sure what you are trying to say and I love metrics.
Like did you mean to say between top#50 and top#50? Was that supposed to be top10?
What defines effort?
Do you also have a break down of the number of players getting the various awards? How are you defining their efforts?
What exactly is your multiplier(s)?

You are right, the second odd step is between top#50 and top#10. Edited.
What defines effort is the percentage of players above you that you need to overtake.

So: Effort = Rank N / Rank N+1

An Effort of 2 means you need to overtake half the players in front of you. Assuming a bell distribution of ranks, I think this ratio is a good measure as it progresses gradually (or at least it should in theory) and it’s proportional to how many players you need to beat.
An effort of 5 (5000/1000) means you need to overtake 80% of the players ahead of you. When you reach #1000 only 20% of #5000 remain ahead of you.

The same way:
Δ Reward = Reward N+1 / Reward N
You’d like me to attach the file?

No file attachment needed, but thank you.
I think you are right about top 25 should get a better reward, but I am mixed about the top 2500. I will try to explain with my memory of some of the scores typically needed to achieve certain ranks.
I don’t think a bell shape distribution is accurate though in capturing effort or in distribution of ranks because most players don’t start from 0 and instead they use the starting point total determined by a formula based on current season score. Because I am normally in shores 6000+ I usually start with 880 points. Ludias assumption, and I think it is a good one for boost and level defaults tournament, is if I started at 0, my teams would slaughter the first 25 to 30 teams I faced which could be very demoralizing for those opponents and a long unenjoyable slug fest for me, as the player on the other side frequently quits when he sees a level 30 fully boosted anything. Those 30 seconds between moves and creature selection, is like watching paint dry.
If I win 4 battles in a row, it will most likely put me at 1000 points and top 5000 is almost guaranteed with 1030 solidifying the chances due to ties. The thing is 1030 is also guaranteed top 2500 ranking. Most people have a tendency to just get their 10 creature take downs and quit. This is especially true for people who start with 850 or 820 points. If I get to 1120 or 1150 range, I am usually guaranteed to get to the top 1000. That climb to top 500 is much tougher with a goal of around 1300, while the climb to Rank 250 with a goal of about 1450 points can be really tough. Cracking that top 100 sometimes means adjusting to the meta and random draws. With a target of about 1600 points.
Sometimes what matters is who got there first. First to a target score wins the tie.
As much as I like the idea of a reward for top 2500, because I think it would be really easy for me to achieve, it might affect the effort of the people that I will normally face who are trying to get to top 1000 with them quitting early because they are fine with a top 2500 reward, which means I might face tougher competition as the people who start with 820 or 850 points quit earlier.