Ludia, please nerf Stegosaurus!

Dude… it’s so obvious that this is a joke. You KNOW it’s obvious when the forum mods play along with it…

Yesh right. Like all other nerf threads.

Honestly I think entelodon has too much health and attack, 1000 attack at l26 really killing my trebax :cold_face:


And Bajatonodon and Skoolasaurus are really OP legendaries
Even if they’re useless in raids they’re absolute monsters in PvP
They need 1 attack and health and speed and then they will be balanced


Tbh that needs a buff and nerf

To me it reminds me of

Still too OP

You all are hung up on Stegosaurus?!?


Need I to explain any further?

Gallimimus defeats Stegosaurus any day! With his dumb evasive basic move with NO COOLDOWN he can avoid all of my attacks!!! Ridiculous! And if you manage to get that whopping 2700 HP down to reasonable numbers, he swaps with a mega WHAM impact and he’s gone! Swaps to Albertocevia or something (poor Albertocevia looses to Stego and Galli he needs buff).

And please explain STUN Immunity! For a cunning creature why should he resist an effect from a resilient creature?!?

Also Rexy killed a few in JP. Why can’t she do it again in JWA? Answer? UnBaLaNcEd GaLlImImUs!!!

Before we discuss the Lower Tyrant troubles (coughcoughstegosaurus*cough), let’s talk about Nerfing this BIRD to the GROUND!!!


At least it’s not the og evasive where you had the 66.7% chance or whatever it was to dodge all damage

Two words. Dominant roar

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This is a joke thread

Do a serious thread for that

There’s a creature that can dodge100% damage now.

Wait what, how is that fair against a fierce

It is a cunning thing so that’s why I guess

We need to nerf these commons and buff Mortem rex

Tbf in all seriousness Mortem Rex does need a buff

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Has this topic died

It was already dead