Ludia - Please read

Your game has constant bugs, sure all games do. Though not many games have this many for such a long time. Regardless of that, you are LOSING players left and right not ONLY because of the bugs, but that you aren’t providing compensation based on a rate that the players are losing. Your compensation should be HIGHER to be honest. Players generally lose 2 to 3 alpha energy PER alpha, yet you compensate 1 time of 3 alpha energy and ONLY if the player emails support. You should be compensating ALL PLAYERS now since we are ALL suffering from this bug. But where is that compensation??? It should come from your end and not a comment on your forums. This is thoughtless and shows more of an “oh well” approach to what’s happening. This compensation should be occurring DAILY until you fix the issues. Clans arent able to keep defeating alphas because of this. Players in my clan and im sure in others are now talking of taking a break from the game because of bugs or stopping completely. This also leads the remaining players to question if they want to put in effort now because their peers are disappearing. Theres a good game here thats fun and has lovable characters. But the effort to keep this game fun and running well hasn’t been present for some time now and your player base knows it and is clearly calling out for some help. Want to keep them or shrug the shoulders as they go elsewhere? Among Us seems pretty fun…


I totally agree, and for me it’s not just the irritating freezing on the loading screen and losing alpha energy, it’s doing the same thing on arena battles causing me to instantly lose and lose my win streak, and things like Meatlug battles that cost 8 bloody energy, which you lose! It’s very off putting that there’s hardly no compensation and I’m seriously considering quitting the game. As is my son and my mother. It’s too bad, because this game is really fun, but I almost dread playing it now, because I know it’s just going to freeze and I will possibly lose what I’m going for.