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Ludia, Please Read

I want to discuss the current issues with the game, and why we as a community are enraged with how everything is right now. We as the playerbase want to help your game be successful, but it just feels you only want money and dont care about us or this game. As hard as it is, Ill try to be as civilized as I can about this, if you dont mind having a moment to review this with you.

  1. The Arena Matchmaking

Its a mess. Players among this forum have been complaining about it for such a long time now, and with the introduction of boosts and the last matchmaking rework in 1.7-1.8, it has transformed the arena into something that just doesnt feel fun anymore for the majority of us. This mode has also been the biggest flaw with the game, in comparison to the exploration part.

How this could be fixed: Change the matchmaking algorithm back to how it was in the 1.6 patch.
Now, I happen to be a player of your other game, Jurassic World: The Game. I’ve noticed you have an unboosted arena for that game’s arena despite having MOD’s (that game’s version of boosts), so I dont see any reason why this couldnt be done for Jurassic World Alive as well. Maybe make it so youll get higher and better incubators if you play the boosted arena, while we get the usual incubators in the unboosted. It would be a win-win for both of us; it would promote boosts, while also allowing us to play without the fear of a mega-boosted Thoradolosaur or Dracoceratops running through our teams effortlessly.

  1. Dracoceratops

Where do I begin on this one? Ill give it to you like this:

“The way the meta is shaped up right now, it doesnt favor tanks that much with the exception of Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus. This is because of many of the players running Thoradolosaur to counter them. As a result, Dracoceratops, despite the nerf you gave it in 1.8, is still giving us grief. Even if Thoradolosaur was not present, tanks would not stop it completely, as they lack the damage to kill it before it swaps out.”

How this could be fixed: Theres multiple ways to nerf Dracoceratops. Heres what i think personally:

Change its swap in rampage to swap in definite strike. This move is on Dracorex and Irritator gen 2 as well.

Get rid of Regeneration on it. This move just seems out of place on this dinosaur. Neither Dracorex gen 2 or Triceratops gen 2 have this, so it just seems random that this thing has it.

Buff the damage tanks can do (except trykosaur and diorajasaur’s). That way they can not only threaten Thoradolosaur a tiny bit more, but they can be more effective at stopping Dracoceratops if you choose to leave its swap in rampage.

Side note: im pretty sure the comments can provide more input on this topic.

  1. Speed Boosts

As we all know, speed is the most important stat in the game. The Hp and Attack boosts arent that bad if you outspeed the creature with them and not them outspeeding you. However, with the introduction of speed boosts, many of us feel that was a mistake. If you arent aware of this, lets take Thoradolosaur for example:

Thoradolosaur, while fast for a tank destroyer, is outsped by many things naturally without boosts, leaving it checked by Utarinex, Erlidominus, and Diloracherius, and is hard countered by Magnapyritor and Diplovenator. When that Thoradolosaur has speed that overtakes a velociraptor, it becomes able to overcome those counters and checks with ease, especially with the stats you gave it. Sure, those counters could boost their speed too, that isnt the point im trying to make. It isnt fair for the opponent going through that Thoradolosaur.

How this could be fixed: the best solution is to dump speed boosts entirely, but if they stay, make it so the dino gains 1 point of speed per tier increase, until tiers 8-10, where that dino could gain 2 points of speed per tier increase.

  1. Alliance Mission Rewards

We’ve had the same ones since Alliance Missions were announced, and in all honesty, a huge majority of us want new rewards, as it is making us demotivated to continue doing them for the same rewards every single time.

How this could be fixed: Simply change the rewards, enough said.

Closing: As the playerbase, we want to help promote your game and make it successful. It has a ton of potential, but everything just seems flawed right now. If the moderators see this post, please speak to the dev team and game owners and discuss about fixes to these main problems, because the game is sitting in a pot of boiling water right now, and the forum seems like a time bomb ready to explode any second if nothing is done. If you really do care about us and this game, please address these. Thank you for your time.

Comments, feel free to ad don to any of these points, or add some new ones entirely if i missed any noteworthy ones.

  1. Make a separate Arena that still rewards incubators but has nothing to do with trophy level. Versus bots or versus players. With boosts or without boosts. Friendly matches that reward incubators. Or…

  2. Make an instant Battle Ai button on the Arena countdown. Nobody likes Draco and Thor matches over and over and over! No trophies awarded, coins and incubators yes.

  3. Change Alliance chat.

Since we shouldn’t be “bullies” (even though WE have no power, they do…) Pretty please Lydia, with sugar and a cherry on top?! :blush:


I probably shouldve used a different term than “bullies,” but its just common terminology that being nice about things is more effective…that and one of the moderators said on my “vent about the game on this tread” post “we do listen indeed, but to frustration expressed in civilized ways”


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1-Yeah the problem with speed boosts is that if it is supposed to work as a level up, a dino like Thor should never be able to outspeed her counters. As we’re using Thor as an exemple, a boosted Thor, especially when overleved against your team is an overwhelming force. Of course, this reflects the issues with matchmaking discussed above, not a problem with the dino itself. Thor was strong, but never a tyrant when it was released. It was as powerful as it deserved to be. I don’t think boosts should ever be taken into consideration when buffing or nerfing dinos, it doesn’t make sense. So perhaps the better solution is to give all the boosts a little nerf. Yes, even one more nerf to speed.
2- Other pertinent suggestions to the health of the game are to add more dinos to the rooster, like team of 10 or 12 dinos, and a button of boost retrieval on every dino. With more dinos on our team we can experience more diversity and we will need more coins and boosts for them, so it’s good for Ludia too. Right now, we have a certain difficulty in replacing old dinos with new ones because of boosts, leading to stagnation on our teams, so a boosts retrieval on dinos for a fair price on cash could deal with this. This way, we would still spend money, but will be able to try more new things that are offered to us every update, it’a a win-win.
3- I also ask the devs to rethink the nerfs to Magna and the dodgers. Magna is by no means an easy dino to obtain, myself and many other players find that nerf not justified. And the dodging mechanic should be revisited to make it useful again, there are a lot of suggestions in the forum, I don’t know which one is best, that’s for you devs to decide, but you could use some of those ideas @Ludia_Developers :slight_smile:


About stat Boosts

Health Boost
You keep it the way it is

Attack Boost
You lower it to half than it is now


Common-Rare Creatures
Stat Boost can applied from level 1 to 10 tier

Epic Creatures
Stat Boost can applied from level 1 to 8 tier

Legendary Creatures
Stat Boost can applied from level 1 to 6 tier

Unique Creatures
Stat Boost can applied from level 1 to 5 tier

Balance and variety in every arena

Speed Boost

Tier 1 : +1
Tier 2 : +1
Tier 3 : +1
Tier 4 : +1
Tier 5 : +1
Tier 6 : +1
Tier 7 : +1
Tier 8 : +2
Tier 9 : +2
Tier 10 : +3


That…would actually be fair :smiley:

Hmm don’t know about the boost tiers. I want to use my favorite strong dinos that were hard to get, not have a boost limit to them because they are better. This discourages the effort to build the best team you can imo.

But itll promote use of lower rarity dinos

There will be total re balance in all Dinos before this can be applied.I don’t want a common to be better than a unique,of course not.But i want to close the gap a little.Uniques will always have more abilities and better stats.

Well, I still wouldn’t level lower rarities and boost them unless I really liked that creature. And why should lower rarities be strongly promoted? Isn’t the logic of the game to progress(if you want to) by creating better hybrids over time? I want to be able to boost them as far as I can, not the weaker ones.
Ps: I did level and boost epics and rares such as suchotator, edmontoguanodon, gorgosuchus, yoshi and Purutaurus, so it’s not like I’m only boosting uniques and legendaries, even at the risk of them getting hybrids.

Unless youre Miragaia…

And im taking my chances with boosting Smilocephalosaurus to counter Dracoceratops


The way the game is set right now, you always have to run the following to succeed:

Trykosaurus, Dracoceratops, Thoradolosaur, Erlidominus, Magnapyritor, Diloracherius/Utarinex

The last two are usually Quetzorion, Diorajasaur, Grypolyth, or Erlikospyx

Take a look at “TheGamingBeaver” for example. He’s struggling all because hes attempting to use Diplovenator on his team.

Instead of promoting variety, the game is currently PUNISHING it.

Yeah I saw the Demon fluffy video lol, but you have to consider that his diplovenator is severely underleveled compared to the rest of his team. Not that diplovenator is good against anything other than chompers anyway.
But I still don’t agree with this. We can have more variety by introducing new strong dinos and hybrids that are meta relevant. There will always be the best ones and a hierarchy following them. If you are lower leveled you use the best you can available. As you hunt and evolve you get stronger and build a better team so your effort pays off. You can still use lower rarities if you want to, but that’s on you, some people do it. I don’t think boost tiers should reward lower rarities. The game rewards(or at least should) the hunt of uniques(with a few exceptions of course, Pterovexus, nerfed Magna, Indo, etc). Someone in my alliance runs a level 28 irritator g2, and I’m like, well, whatever suits you mate :rofl:

Lol thats an interesting choice (the irritator gen 2 one)

I just think the mentallity people have is that they dont want to level up the newer things because its too much work and coin, so they stick with what they got…

…or youre Magna and Erlikospyx and you take a horrendously long time to obtain because arena exclusive

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I can agree that a legendary that takes two Commons to make should not be able to one shot uniques that take months and months of grinding to make


Yeah, I think you’re right about that mentality, but even if it’s gonna take a long time, I’ll choose the dinos I like and work on them(erlikospix, ardentismaxima, geminititan, dio, magna, the “birds”, etc). I’ll create all of them, boost and all, and then decide what I’ll stick with. In the meantime, I’m stuck with what I have now. The time it takes is a pain, but it’s also satisfactory when you finally get that powerhouse on your team. After that I’ll just pray they don’t get nerfed :rofl:

That happened with me when i got magna unlocked.

I get it unlocked about two weeks before the 1.8 patch notes were released. My heart sank when i saw magna got that hp nerf, considering i JUST got it too :frowning:

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I feel ya, I reaaally do hope they reconsider this nerf, it shouldn’t be that much. Imo shoudn’t be at all :weary:

Hey, lets make an arena where a level 20 player can purposely drop down to my arena, and then have a level 29, boosted thorad 1 hit kill all my guys!
That’d be super fun, and fair play…oh wait. They did that. And its not fun, or fair.
Sure Glad that guy spent all his money on this game, so be could drop to arena 8, and slaughter all my guys with 1 hit attacks, so he could feel good about himself.
I have 2 uniques at level 21, and my highest legendary is 23. yet i am constantly fighting guys with multiple level 25+. I lost 12 matches in a row last night, and over half of them only used 1 dino to kill my 3.
The scales are so uneven, its not even fun anymore

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Removing regen from Draco would be an interesting move. I also reckon priority moves should take precedence over swap in moves. That Draco no longer shatters shields isn’t all that relevant really. As it stands there is no way to counter Draco, even if you know its coming. Being able to distract or throw up a shield would help balance it.