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Ludia please rethink weekend raids

I understand new apexes are great to add more to the meta and give others more to work for but having to worry about raids every day of the week can be exhausting and very hard on all the players. If i’m on a vacation, worrying about communicating and coordinating a raid is not something I would want to do. I’d rather have more than 1 apex in a weekday than to have to spending parts of my weekend worrying about finding team members for a raid. It also takes away play from tournaments which also needs improving. Or even rearranging for smaller raids to be on weekends where the majority of players won’t mind missing can make room easier for multiple apexes a day. I’m sure i’m not alone in this sentiment.


You’re not being forced to do them or anything, so if you don’t want to do them don’t. Some will like this, such as myself, because some have more time to complete raids on the weekend rather than the busy Monday-Friday dealing with work or other things.


The only conflict is with tournaments, but then it’s just a choice of how you budget your time. Besides that, most people probably have more free time on the weekends for raids. And some people’s days off fall somewhere on M-F (like me), so there really shouldn’t be a distinction between weekends/weekdays for any reason other than tournaments. Besides, it’s either weekend days, or doubling up on weekday raids/having raids skip every other week. I think weekend raids are definitely the best option out of all those.


I’m not stoked about them being added on weekends. When raids were introduced it was explicitly stated that they wouldn’t be Friday-Sunday so as not to interfere with tournaments. Doing well in tourneys generally requires a significant time commitment, so having to put time towards raids is another thing to fit in alongside darting event creatures, spinning drops, chests, etc.

And let’s face it most of us will have to do it more than once to assist alliance mates and friends. I would agree I’d rather figure it out alongside other raids during the week and put some of the legendary/unique raids on the weekends.


Honestly more than the really dedicated players it’s a bigger problem with the people who already don’t put that much effort into tourneys.

I’ll admit, I’m probably going to unlock them, then never bother again. As someone who wants nothing more than to complete the dinodex, JWA is starting to feel like a chore with all these raids.

I really only have Saturday and Sunday for free time. So weekend raids are welcomed for me. Granted, I think ludia should do away with specific days and jsut let us fight them whenever. We only get the dna once per week anyway. A friend suggested making it a designated drop location like supply drops and have a drop down menu of which ones to do( tho that requires ludia to fix the distribution of drops)


Weekend raids should not be a problem. People have more time generally at the weekend so having them then would actually be fine.


well I work from Monday to Sunday! 2 days off from raids was better! and those 2 days I taught him in tournaments and to be with my family! now and a thought also during the week, -end. it was not the right choice! if you want the time you can find, but as they said Friday-Sunday no raid. and now there are. and as someone says, in fact it is not just a raid to do you must also think about helping your alliance. so a lot of time to waste. honestly, I’m against weekend raids.

An option to turn off the raid creatures walking around on the map would be a welcomed addition, they quite often get in the way of strike towers, sanctuaries, dinos etc.


As I said in similar thread, raids aren’t compulsory so if you don’t want to do them don’t!

I can’t stand the weekend tournaments and getting the ten takedowns takes much longer than a raid. Never once have I said they shouldn’t run the weekend tourney though. My alliance like the rewards every month so they are a prerequisite if you want to be in the alliance. Raids aren’t though, they are 100% up to the individual.

So exercise your freedom of choice if you don’t want to do raids at the weekend. Problem solved.


Think about this: what if they started with raids only on the weekend, and then tried to have them during the week? How many people would have said “but I have work/school during the week, I won’t have time”?

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Weekend raid might be good idea, but implementation will just bring more bugs and issues. As they never do QoL improvements, I don’t expect anything good from weekend raids.

I’ll take one and done aproach no exceptions. Wouldn’t mind weekend raids, if they would implement them without issues. Most likely constant invites in background will make battles unplayable.

yeah, that’s why I think adding the raids on the weekend is the better decision, feel like there would be more “this needs to be fixed” threads about that if that’s the way ludia went with it

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You kinda are. Many people want to play every aspect of the game and when this suddenly becomes nearly impossible then it feels like you either can’t compete with your opponents or you don’t get the full game experience.

And for many, like me, the weekends are family time. I can do my 10 takedowns on Friday or Monday.

I’ll manage to do the weekend raids, but I’m sure I can’t do them every week. Sucks, but I’ll live. Still don’t like it.

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@Tielenaar Are you really saying that the time it takes to do a raid is going to detract from being able to spend time with your family?

I’m lucky that my wife plays the game too, and our son is almost always on his Xbox or out playing with his mates so it’s no issue for me. But if I felt I was taking time away from ‘family time’ by doing a raid I would be pretty miffed at my life for having to feel that way. Surely if anyone wants to spend 15 minutes doing a raid it shouldn’t be a problem should it?

Some people think it’s sad that as fully grown adults we spend our time playing a mobile game. Yet others play golf, soccer, cricket, race cars, cycle etc…… which surely take just as much time as playing a game. And considering most of those activities take way more time than a raid I honestly think this is a storm in a teacup.

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It’s not necessarily taking away from family time, but I’m usually just too occupied the whole weekend to have a spot left for raids. It’s not just 15 min, because you cannot decide whenever those 15 minutes are going to be. It all depends on availability of alliance members and usually a raid can take at least 30 min or more. Bit long for toilet time :wink:
But that’s just my situation, for others it’s harder to raid during the week. So in the end it doesn’t really matter.

Problem is, that many players do one raid, while others need to do 10+ same raids. Different time zones, different free time means that many times its hard to do the raid without volounteers that will redo raid multiple times. Some players also need support teams (don’t mean lvl 10 creatures, but those players that don’t have required maxed and fully boosted creatures, but barely boosted around lvl 25 creatures).

Those raiders that do multiple same raids every day, need break too.

Not to mention that raids are killing phones and takes longers than should and are many times unplayable, cause they can’t optimize the game as they should! My old phone with 3GB RAM barely survives raids and takes eternity to load the game!

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I do not know why you have so much controversy but you forget that once you have enough DNA to raise the first apex to 30 you will no longer have to do raids on those days when you get the Mortem Rex or Hadrox Lux to level 30