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Ludia, please rework the rush challenge


It’s a great idea, but it needs some tweaking, major tweaking.

(Ludia keeps changing my post title since I mention the first rush winners in it… *smh…)


Well, to put it simply…



Once again, a good idea executed Ludia style - poorly and without any forethought.

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We actually enjoyed it :man_shrugging: but we did it proper and didnt drop and bully people. Still finished top 5. And we had a good time doing it


Oh, I can totally see where Ludia was coming from… points from battling, alliances at any level should be able to compete for top prizes! Love the idea, but… they just didn’t think about people dropping and bashing.

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Sigh. My post got hidden for using a proper term.

Maybe they did consider it. I mean really, how could they have NOT seen the outcome?
It was the first thing I thought, the arenas are going to be a terrible mess.


A limit on derank, that allow the players downgrade but at certain limit, maybe 1 arena above or something like that


Yes to this!