Ludia please save your game

Battling is non sense now, every new month progressively I reach lower trophy level, because of your broken matchmaking system. My team is around 27-28 and I fight full team level 30, erlidomimus 2800 dmg, ardentis 9000 hp 2090dmg, trykosaure 7000 hp each fight.
Do you really think we get fun playing like this ?
It was funnier months ago when you could getting better and higher now, it’s the contrary. One year ago at 4000 trophy level you had your first unique creature, now you need a full team 22-28 to stand by. I précise I’m between 5300 and 6000. January 5900, February 5800. I’m back to 5300 …
Why do you make a game we don’t progress ? Do you think it’s pleasant ?
I play everyday since the beginning and I don’t take fun any more in battling but I still do cause I have spent time on it and I’m leader of a team, but really I’m bored and my teammates are bored too.
And like it has been said many times with all the changes you made and add new absurd features like cautions strike it’s a total mess. More over since last update more bugs are here during battling, freezing, pink screen, saying match is won but still running, auto play…
If nothing change at next update be sure it’s over for us and we will be really sad.


It is the same for me, if the next update does not redeem the game I’ll have to uninstall it and quit playing. I really hope I don’t have to, I love this game, but it is just getting less and less fun.


It’s not that you are not progressing. It’s that other people choose the route of pay2win model and took your spot.I make 3 matches per 2 weeks, maybe less…since the reset i have made 2 matches and both were losses.I have a full team of 30 lvl Dinos with 6 average Boosts per Dino and lost to 2 players of lvl 25-26 average Dinos. They had overboosted and maxboosted their Dinos.

First battle was 0-3 against 25lvl max boosted Magna and second match was 1-0 until the introduction of 149 speed Thor who oneshotted my team.

Now i stand at 5300 and if i play i will terrorize the rest of the players with average boosts and average Dinos because of the matchmaking.Right now i am too low in Library to match the players of Aviary.

ps: No one cares(especially the company) …but i was a regular top 250 player before boosts.And i had spent in this game the amount of a Deluxe edition of a console game to help the company.(Regular Vip for 11 months)

…just too tired…


I know what you mean, but playing everyday should be rewarding, but it isn’t any more at all.
I keep being rekt by Indo gen 2, Back to the trophy level I had in July. I feel screwed by ludia for playing as much.


I saved the game for myself with my 2nd account. I am 2 away again to having all the creatures. I have 93 level 20 & 21 creatures to play, not all great of course but a good 60 of them are good to play. I put all kinds of different teams together including random draws of all my creatures to make it challenging. I’m hanging in the 4000 to 4100 range so I don’t run into any real bad teams. Many have Indominus and Indo Gen 2’s which is no biggie for me. I need to lose some to win later. I have no problems getting incubators or daily’s. I have 19 of the 20 uniques, all level 21 and working toward the snake guy. It’s fun at this level and love to play creatures most at my level don’t have to make it interesting for them.


What saves the game for me is my Alliance overall… But in terms of gameplay, what keeps me interested the most are the tournaments. I literally start the week waiting to see what’s the next tournament gonna be like. But even that they are managing to screw up…


Same here. Arena battling is just tiring. And long, all those evasive strikes make it take forever. Trophy count getting lower.
And let’s not forget. Daily missions.
Last week it was mostly 10 battles a day.
Now it’s 12.
:sob::sob: like playing, like strike towers, buts this whole arena thing… needs a fix. And please do make daily missions enjoyable again.

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90% of the time you know in the first ten seconds if you’re going to win or lose.
You either crush the opponent or get crushed. It’s like matchmaking is designed to bring together two opposite teams rather than two competitive teams. I’ve got 3 accounts, level 6, 12 and 20…matchmaking is pretty much the same in those areas.

The MM code seems to go if won last 2 games, match with team 3 levels higher and boost, player 1 crit/dodge/stun rate 0, opponent stun/dodge/evade/crit rate 90. If lost last game, match with team 3 levels higher and heavily boosted, player 1 dodge/evasive/crit rate 0, opponent dodge/evasive/crit rate 75. If matched against AI and won, match against team 5 levels lower with no boosts, player 1 dodge/evasive/crit rate 120.

We enjoy competition. Competition isn’t 0-3 and 3-0. I’ve been working hard to stay in this game, but it’s not working for me.

Such a shame, this could and should be a fantastic, enjoyable and competitive game.

I find it hard to believe there aren’t competitive teams in arena throughout the levels. How can there be such disparity?

Based on the amount of pleas for new alliance members, I’d guess people are leaving in droves. As an alliance leader, I know how hard it is to get new players that aren’t below level 10 and will quit within a month or less.

It may seem like I’m whining or complaining, that is not my intent. I would truly like to see this game made better, we could probably start with better COMMUNICATION with Ludia, but there’s a disconnect in that line of communication.

Communication is like playing ball. One has the ball and tosses it to the other, it goes back and forth. We just seem to be throwing balls into the dark void, there isn’t even an echo of it hitting a surface.

Edit: Just look at how many threads made by alliance leaders looking to recruit. It’s one of the most active topics. That is a signal…


I agree that the game may be going downhill, I’ve noticed there aren’t as many players in the arena now, way more “matchmaking failed” messages and AIs than there used to be. What baffles me is how a company could be so incompetent. It almost feels like they’re trying to kill the game on purpose so that they can come out with a new game, but idk anymore. I still have hope but with every screwup they do and seemingly don’t care about it i lose that hope a bit, and it isn’t just this game they’re incompetent with either, it’s JWTG, the dragons game, and before that JP builder. So seeing ludia’s track record i don’t think they’ll ever change, it’s just shocking to me that people are leaving the game daily and they don’t care or do anything to fix it. Heck even the top people are contemplating quitting, and that’s where most of ludia’s income comes from so if those people quit we can assume the ship is sinking.


active and/ or hard core alliances are recruiting more often it seems.
Very few casual alliances recruiting that aren’t brand new. seems to me many are becoming more and more casual players as time goes on.


From what I have been able to gather, a lot or feeling the same way. Next update is make of break, better be a good one. I am so bored with the Arena, my team, non existent hunting. Some who have been buying all the boosts and have fully boosted teams have expressed the same boredom. Not enough Dinos are end game viable. No variety. Boosts makes it extremely inefficient to play different dinos. 1:13 will decide if this game is getting salvaged or is just in it’s death spiral like so many games before.


I still enjoy battling in arena, but I’m bored, cause I need to rely on same 8 dinos to stay competitive without boosts.

We again hit the wall of silence. Last time there was so little communication from Ludia, boosts 2.0 came. Wouldn’t be suprised by another reset.

Anyway we need at least some meta changes to spice things up. Tournaments are fun, but rewards like these for upcoming one won’t motivate anyone.


I used to warn my alliance about having no trophies and kick those still with zero 2 weeks after season reset, but lately, I can’t bring myself to do so. It used to be only 10 or less players with this issue but now it’s half my alliance! Arena is so bad even I can’t bring myself to fight for trophies anymore. So tired of being out speeded by 10-15 speed points it’s ridiculous. I’d rather drop an arena and just get incubators when necessary. Sad but true :pensive:


This month it’s none for us, all still active.
We have members from 3k to 6k trophies, all still playing. Maybe some don’t enjoy it as much, but what many alliances are experiencing has never been the case for us. I have no explanation.

The hard core alliances are kicking inactives, and it’s expected for the co-ops to kick anyone with 0 trophies after reset.

30% of my alliance is currently at 0 trophies, but casually play. I can’t kick that many people and expect to replace them with high level, active players with everyone trying to recruit them.

It’s a problem trying to hold everything together.

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when most players don’t want to bother with the arena, or play infrequently, it affects everyone.
even i hardly play the arena these days. i’m tired of either loosing 0-3 or winning 3-0.
most of my battles come from weekend tournaments where i don’t have to worry about ranking.
the alliance i’m in is still going strong, but we are feeling the effects of those not wanting to battle.


We’ve lost a couple of members. Judging by how many warnings people get, I think if Ludia ever implement actual alliance tools, we’ll find a lot of them are just logging on and battling once to stay in the alliance and collect rewards.

I’m not playing as much, not because I don’t want to, but because there’s nothing to do. Save for a couple of epics, all the dinos I need to complete my Dinodex are locked behind sanctuaries, so hunting is pointless. Arena is a mess. Incubators keep on handing out junk DNA, with a tiny amount of actually useful DNA. I have over a million coins (not a lot to hardcore players, but a lot to a casual like me) and nothing to spend them on due to lack of DNA.


I log on for a minute every 15 to spin stops at work until i get my sanc items. then just to FIP things on a timer for the rest of the day. maybe battle 2-3 times and that’s about it for me. I’m mostly bored. it takes forever to get any useful dna and with matchmaking as bad as it is, battling isn’t fun anymore otherwise i would fill some time with that.


The game isn’t ruined for me :man_shrugging: But to be fair, I’m not shooting for top rank pvp. My matches are a little bit fairer now.


Another post saying the same… WE ALL ARE TIRED OF THOSE UNFAIR BATTLES… Ludia must do something the equalize the battles… This game is not fun anymore… It’s a general sense