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Ludia please sell this project to someone else


Just admit, Ludia, you can’t handle this game.

1. Bugs
You’ve been working 3 months on 1.6 update and its main feature went down in few days and you still haven’t fixed it. And I bet you either have no idea how to do it either just don’t even try. You can’t fix even the simplest bugs e.g. speed indicator. In 1.6 patch note you said that you had tried but it’s still actual. Thank God dinos act in the right order, but you can’t place indicator above the right one.

2. Cheaters
Even though you’ve been provided tons of proofs about cheaters, they are still at the leaderboard. You promised to separate them from legit players but they still play against us. Maybe you hope to get more money from them but this way you will lose more legit players who also buy cash and incubators.

3. Disbalancing
Just admit you know nothing about balance. This shuffling up and down dinos with every single update is not balancing. You’ve been told about it many times and still do it. This makes this game untrustable. Why should I buy cash or incubators to level up my favorite dino if you can ruin it any moment? And make some random common one OP next update, grind coins from players and nerf it.

The way this game goes is down. Very quickly and you do nothing to change it. Just sell it. Get the rest of the money you want to get from this game and sell it to someone who can make this game better. Who will test new features, who will get rid of cheaters and who knows how to make games. Cause if you keep going on this way this game won’t last a year.


Because they can and don’t give a dame. Look at the “Top Grossing” tab in the Play Store

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Yeah, as far as the cheater issue goes which is the biggest one for me. Those of us who had dropped vip, and refused to give Ludia money until they fixed the leaderboard just lost. Ludia won and the battle is done as far as there concerned. They threw that Lunar special up for 70 bucks with no limit on how many you could buy and they shot up 60 spots on googles top gross chart.