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Ludia please stop making darting dinos so difficult & annoying


I’m really struggle to understand why Ludia makes darting some epics so difficult and annoying (T-rex, Nodopatosaurus, Spinosaurus G2, most epic pterosaurs). They either place the hitting circle on smaller parts of their body so people wouldn’t have enough time to move from one to another (fewer hits) or they make dinos to wiggle/move like crazy. Shouldn’t it be enough that their terribly low spawn rate makes them almost unobtainable? That certainly doesn’t make people to stay in the game and progress if they get so little DNA from darting.


T-rex makes me angry


Nodopat has got to be one of the worse… alanky is pretty bad as well… that wing. Then you have anky easily one of the most valuable and easy to dart dinos.


I get hybrids being a pain, because what ever you get is going to be better than getting that sodding 10. but i agree, the rex is a nuisance

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Agreed. That is also a pain. I keep getting 10s almost every time I fuse Tryko. How is this going to keep people motivated and interested?

  1. Trex, Ourano (this one I haven’t seen for months) and other epics spawn rates are too low…
  2. Darting T-rex (so CRUCIAL DNA ingredient) and some other epics is a nuisance…
  3. Fusing legendary and unique dinos takes ages because we keep getting 10s…

When you think about the unbalanced difference between darting ankylosaurus, which is super easy and T-rex which angers you with its stupid tail every time… and they are supposed to be the same level of difficulty… and I won’t even talk about Nodopato, had better luck with Erlidominus than that one


T-rex is one of the slowest dinos in the game so darting it should be easier. Ludia totally got it wrong…


Buy moar incs and you won’t have to worry about darting. That’s what I imagine Ludia would say.


Nodopato and spinotahraptor are my 2 worst.


Maiasaura, that target on her toe as she runs!
Rex is also very difficult.


I haven’t even seen a rex for a long time lol. Which zone are they in now? And I agree putting targets on legs is a troll move. I normally don’t bother aiming on those.

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Some Dinosaurs are already hard to come by because of their rarity and/habitat zone so I DG int see why they need to make them harder to hit and give you less DNA from them.

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It’s a global spawn, not a local…


It’s one of the long necks, Brachiosaurus or Diplodocus, that don’t fit on the screen. You shoot the body and the next target ends up on the head or tail, neither of which can be seen. Before you had a 50/50 chance of moving towards that head or tail target. Then the target moves from the head to the tail or vice versa. These are difficult ones for me to shoot. Fortunately, they aren’t as important as some of those other epics. But you never know that one day they may become a hybrid ingredient.


Darting Baryonyx is so hard.
He runs so fast. I think Baryonyx needs a nerf.

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Why would you nerf it? I think it needs more HP and his hybrid. :wink:

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It was a joke


Nerf darting


Ive seen 3 bary and 3 spino gen 2s today 1 brachi.

Ludia are screwing this game up eith their greed. As mentioned the darting is inconsistent. Maybe we should all canvel vip

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Ludia, I am so tired of actually playing the game, it would be much nicer if you would just send us all the DNA we want, so we can make our Dinos, and then could you say we win at the end of the day because there are no losers.

Ooh and could you buy some pudding and spoon feed it to us with airplane noises, not trains I do not like them.

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