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Ludia please stop making darting dinos so difficult & annoying

Do you really think you are that funny? Why do you waste your time making all those sarcastic and very unfriendly comments? Nobody said Ludia should make it super easy to dart all dinos so please read with understanding and then contribute if you wish to. The fact is that t-rex and a few other dinos don’t need to be so insanely difficult to dart because we hardly see them spawning in wild.


I’m just here for the Nodopato hate.
I shot a 100 on it once. ONCE :rage:


I don’t understand what they are thinking either.

The meta and the dinos that people can obtain are already heavily affected by how frequent they show up and their power level.

Making the difficulty of darting uneven just make people concentrate more on the easier dinos and make the meta even less diverse.

In fact, of all the games I’ve played, this game seems to be the one making the least effort in balancing, either in battle or availability of creatures / minions / etc.


I kinda hoped I was funny. Other than that I got nothing. Missing half my teeth, horrific gas, and I really have no idea when the last time I bathed. I have to go to the SPCA every month because my dog runs away from me. I put a personal ad in the newspaper one time and they wouldn’t print it.

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This one gets me in the feels; had a Seco deflect THREE of my darts with its sail last night!!

Yes, I know the follow up question is why the heck was I darting a Seco, but that’s about all you get nowadays using an Epic scent in L2…

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Because it’s a GAME. It’s not supposed to be easy all the time. Where would the challenge in that be?

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Just because it’s a game it doesn’t mean darting a global spawn epic dino should be extremely difficult. :slight_smile: It’s a core component for many hybrids. Having VIP doesn’t help and make much difference either. The challenge is in arena battles and difficult strike towers.

I did not know deflecting with sail was a thing, thank you for the info.
Tough enough with the birds.

being difficult isn’t so bothersome… some of the most useless ones (spino2, brachi, etc.) being hard is odd… but ones like trex, that are specifically programmed (like the devs went out of their way) to intentionally make them head fake as soon as your cross hairs are over their head, are rather pathetic.

just gotta expect it, wait for the fake, then fire :man_shrugging:

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It usually isn’t a problem but if you time it just right/wrong it’ll happen

Your wish has been granted. Now it is so much easier to dart five Dinos.


At least you will have the love it when you should have been darting 14. And can only get 5 or 6 out.

Can you elaborate how exactly they granted my wish? I’m having difficulties to understand your comment because nearly all fast dinos are impossible to dart with exception to very slow ones I didn’t have problems with before they implemented patch 1.7.

They totally misunderstood your thread…

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He didn’t misunderstand the thread. You guys just gotta learn to read sarcasm when it’s put in front of you.

It’s done.