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Ludia please stop making false advertisement!

The strike tower events for today have Dilophosaurus picture but all those incubators (even 7 fight one) did not give me even single DNA for Dilophosaurus.

If its really chance to get it and on top very very less chance then why Ludia you do false advertisement?

I even had same issue with even Epic incubator when I bought Baryonx ones twice but for 0 DNA of him.

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It’s Ludias way of getting to buy incubators.
Its wrong!!

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I feel you. This has happened to me several times with Kaprosuchus, it’s rage inducing

It’s not false advertisement though it may be little misleading. It may give you that dna, but it’s not guaranteed. It just shows you what kind of dinos it contains like dinos with armor, dinos with speed etc.
Though I think they should say what dino’s are possible to get when you are going to buy incubator.


Next time when you want to buy the incubator, think again!


False advertisement = misleading. As there is only one BIG picture of incubator dino. Which clearly (for general public) tells you will get this one from it.

To me even if chance then you should get some DNA of that one. But I had like 0 DNA of shown many times. I am done buying then but still I get and open from “strike events”

The Strike is not misleading or false advertising. The Strike is named Cunning Creatures and revolves around any creature with debuffs. No where in the text does it say Guaranteed Dilophosaurus DNA or have the DNA listed on the incubator itself when you tap it.

Same logic as if I were to buy a subscription to a dating site from an advertisement with a hot woman on the ad. You’re not guaranteed at that woman, but rather a chance to meet her. Now if I signed up for a dating site with a hot woman on the cover and it turned out to be a Men only dating site, THAT is false advertising.


Listen to our ambassador! He knows of what he speaks!

Sucking up to the new ambassador :sunglasses::sunglasses::joy::joy:

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What about the even incubator and the one you buy?

They should have multiple dino pcitures on those incubators rather than single Dino … which is misleading.

As far as I can tell, no incubator has any guarantee of a specific DNA unless otherwise stated in the Incubator details. It will usually have a specific card with an amount you are guaranteed of that Dino. You need to always make sure you know what you’re purchasing! I made the same mistake when the Indoraptor Incubator was out when JW:FK came out.

Hey Mr Ambassador, what about Epic Scent Capsules that guarantee you 1 Epic encounter when for some epic scent capsules no epic dinos appear? False advertising… hmm yes me think so.

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That is just bug. Stuff like this happens, as unfortunste as it is.

People here really love to complain about tinyest problems. We have it good compared to what pokemon go players have to deal with Niantic.

So, in your opinion, an ad for a car for sale with a picture of a brand new shiny Camaro on it isn’t misleading or false advertising when it’s really a 1974 Ford Pinto in crushable condition?

You know, because the ad says only “Car for sale” with a picture.

You’re not making a 1:1 comparison.

Taking your example and making it into what the Incubators are would be as follow:

An ad with a new Camaro says “Chevy Badass Cars” with a description of “Come take a look at all of our Chevy made cars! You may even drive home a new Camaro!” would be exactly what these incubators do. This is not false advertising.

An ad with a new Camaro says “Chevy Camaro for Sale” with a description of “Come take a look at all of our Camaros! You will drive home a new Camaro!” and then you are given a Ford Pinto when the ad said you will get a Camaro, this is false advertising.

Believe what you want.
Your example is nothing like what they are doing, what they’ve been doing.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The incubators have specific dinos pictured on them.

It doesn’t get any more misleading than that.

You’ve only convinced yourself.

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I work in Marketing and Advertising… I don’t just believe it. I know it. I do it every day, LOL.

Several people have clearly felt mislead. That makes the advertisement misleading. Not everyone speaks English as a first language or is familiar with Ludia’s methods of doing things

It’s not fair to tell someone who felt mislead that they are wrong. The whole point is that they don’t feel that this was advertised clearly. It’s not a debatable thing. If people are misunderstanding how this is supposed to work, that makes it misleading even of it is totally clear and straightforward to you.

I understand and empathize with what the original poster is saying. Anytime someone has an expectation that isn’t met, they feel disappointed. Clear messaging may reduce players disappointments in the future.

I clearly understood the strike rewards and was STILL super disappointed with nothing but totally useless shards. It is what it is.


I got dilo from it though!

I thought gacha games had to disclose their lineups and rates, I have wondered before why that doesn’t apply here. I have to go to metahub to even see what could be in the incubators.

That makes sense then, you are skilled in the art of misdirection.

Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it okay.

Misleading, not illegal.
False advertising, illegal.

Misleading still isn’t acceptable.

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Hey DPG members, we appreciate your feedback on these Incubators, and they have been forwarded to the correct team.