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Ludia Please Stop The Billboards

Ludia Please Stop The Ridiculous Billboard Advertising Popups.

Does Ludia Make Enough Money?
    1. Yes, game purchases are sufficient.
    1. No add advertising through Twitch.

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Congrats on finishing Pikel’s Silverhand trials.

By the way, did you know that there’s a silverhand trial underway?


I thought they were fixing the popups? Perhaps I mistook “fixing” to mean “make them happen less often” but the fix was actually “make them happen every single time you come out of anything”…? Because I get a popup every single time I come out of any kind of activity. It’s pretty annoying, esp. since they lag a second or two and jump in the way of what you were about to tap next…


I don’t mind the Twitch cross promotions. 80 gems for a few minutes of time is worth it. But the banners continue to be a constant nuisance. In game mail should be good enough.

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6 months ago a number of wise players reminded the devs that popups were outmoded, unfavorable and unacceptable. Unfortunately the devs decided to magnify the problem rather than correct it. This has been a foolish trend to dismiss player sentiment rather than appease it. Choosing to delay some pop-ups until the user depresses the screen would be a fine example.

While the pop-ups should have been removed months ago, the devs instead decided to double-down with cross platform banners. Unfortunately, so many players have abandoned the game there are not enough active users to make such pop-ups effective.

As a consultant occasionally contracted to probe and analyze third-parties I am confident any report on this developer would not be favorable. The primary failing being the utter failure to ameliorate player sentiment. Its is a shame so much went awry because WoW was initially a balanced, popular and enjoyable app, seemingly poised for success and longevity.

Congrats on finishing that silverhand event. By the way, there’s currently a silverhand event running!

Did you like buying those packs? There’s packs for sale in the shop, now!

Halfway through that heroic adventure? Go check out the heroic adventure, running now!

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In the patch notes for the Coriolis patch. Or it Mighta been in the notes when they changed gear. There’s was a bullet point that said they fixed pop ups so that they only pop when you first open the app… epic fail. The multiple different pop ups still happen anytime you get kicked back to Home Screen while doing events…

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Agree, the pop-ups should stop, they’re just annoying.

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