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Ludia, please stop!

Please Ludia, stop what you’re doing.

It doesn’t make sense to see low-level players having Apex creatures.

Apex should be the TOP creature in the game, why make this so easy for them?
As an old player, to have uniques at level 30, it took years to have them at this level.
A new player can have Apex creatures (important to mention: only with the help of top players) that can be stronger at level26 than many Unique creatures at level30.

Players are limited to advance in the Campaign until reaching a specific dino/level;
Players are limited to join the Tournament until they reach a specific arena;
Players are limited to use the multifusion tool;
And new or low-level players can have Apex creatures so easily? What!?
Old players like me aren’t happy with how things are working at the moment.

My suggestion:

Option 1: Prevent low-level players from adding Apex creatures to their team until they reach a specific arena (number of trophies). This way, they could create Apex creatures but couldn’t use them in PvP battles. Would be a good motivation for them to play hard to grow.

Option 2: Make the Apex raids only available for level20 players with at least 1 lvl30 UNIQUE creature.

Option 3: Some sort of arena locking for raids/apex creatures ( ceekreegz0718 suggestion)

“This is the way! I have spoken!”


Raids have ruined the game for many top end players. Read this week’s Gamepress article. I have 16 unique dinos at lvl30 which took me years to grind for DNA and coins, they are now mostly useless. I used to like battles, now I hate them because I dont raid and I dont have apex dinos. I watch dinos I spent years fusing and boosting get stomped by a dinosaur I cant dart or fuse myself. So, the arena sucks, why bother darting any dinosaurs at all, I cant complete my roster, I dont even know what this game’s identity is anymore. It has been so long since we saw a boost reshuffle I am bored as hell with my team. What is the point of playing this game now?


Ummm how about not level 20 but must have a minimum of 5 uniques?


no only level 15 or 17 not 20 its unfair for the mid player and the multifusion is level 10 and in campaign im enjoying it but they should low the requirements

How about apexs just not be leaps and bounds better? They don’t require the investment unique do so to have them be on par with but not better than makes perfect sense. True balance at the top so all unique are viable is the only thing that can save JWA


Rare raid should be available right away epic should be level 10 legendary should be 15 unique raid should be 17 and apex raid should be level 20


Let them have them, if you’re a higher level player you can easily counter them and between low level players is a good motivation to improve their game. This pettion is just ridiculous and laughable


I don’t think you understood the issue. It’s all about the time and the hard cash (and real money for some) old players have spent in their Unique dinos to reach lvl 30. Most of them are worthless against Apex dinos. Any low-level player can get Apex now and this is not fair for the old players. The new and low-level players will not understand this.


Improve your game then, it’s ridiculous to think that you should be on top of the heriachy just becasue you’ve been here a longer time or spent a lor of money, let’s thow that elitistic nonsense out of the way please and remember that first and fore most this game most be fun at any level.


I agree 100%. I’ve been wiith this game almost since the beginning, am VIP & an alliance leader. I have never been so close to dumping the app. If things do not improve this month, VIP goes. The only reason I may stay in this game at all is out of responsibility to my 49 alliance mates, many of whom are as angered about this Apex-mess as I am.


That’s super easy to get

how do you expect people to “improve their game” when their teams are as good as they can get, but are being smoked by people who have put in 1/4 of the time and effort? you are missing the point completely.


Lvl 20 definitely would be an improvement. Then the newer players have something to work towards, and the arena will be slightly less messed up. Slightly.

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i would prefer Apexes to be an alternative option to a unique counterpart. not really better but also not worse. something that makes it different enough for someone to choose it over the other for team comp.


Not sure on that one. I’d say something like you have to be at least in like upper library or gyro. I just got 3 30 uniques after some time, but yeah some sort of thing must be done, because ceramagnus is stupid

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i agree, 3 level 30 uniques is quite high of a requirement… some sort of arena locking for raids/apex creatures seems like the best compromise so far that i’ve seen


That’s a good idea as well.
Something must be done.

Boosted, mortem is a top 5 creature in the game, and all you need is a level 6 marsupial lion. Something needs to be addressed


Maybe it’s not the team. Have you thought of the possibility that some of these things are stupidly insane. Lemme put this into perspective:
In an unboosted environment, the creature with the BEST head to head is Hadros lux. Only loses to 4 creatures, 2 of which can get hard-countered by other creatures in the game and lose viability.
The next best head to head goes to ceramagnus. Now, let’s look at this:

Swappers in general get much stronger with boosts, and you’re telling me that a creature with one of the best head to head and a swap that’s already doing over 2000 damage on the swap at level 26 is not the reason why this post exists, but the fact that it’s OUR teams. Please make sure you actually do your research before pulling the classic “It’s your team that sucks then” argument.


3 level 30 unique creatures seems steep. I am in gyrosphere depot and still don’t have anything above level 28!

It might make more sense to add level and boost caps in the arena (same as what has been implemented in raids). Something like 21 for aviary, 24 for library, 27 for depot and uncapped for shores.

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