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Ludia, please support your community

Yesterday was a mess. We expected it to be.
Every update has soul destroying mistakes and errors.
It’s getting difficult to find humour anymore.

We love this game. So much so, that your players have built an incredible support network to try and mitigate the lack of help and communication from Ludia.
Alliances work together in a very coordinated way. We have built our own communication tools because yours simply don’t work effectively.

To add insult to injury, you actively prevent us from using the word ‘Discord’ in alliance descriptions.
The truth is that without the tools WE created, most of us would have ditched this game long ago.
You gave us no workable options, did you?

We spend hours documenting bugs, sharing temporary sticking plaster solutions, and working effectively to mitigate the endless obstacles that you deposit.

When we try to communicate with you, we rarely receive a response. Some of us get silenced or banned.

Yesterday deserved an explanation, and a heartfelt apology. We deserve some level of support.
Instead, a lot of players are leaving/ cancelling VIP/ getting less and less likely to spend any further money.

Instead of reversing icons, and making more irritating animations that nobody wanted - please can you engage with this community and help us?


Nothing to add… spot on

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Apart from a slight delay on Android which was probably out of their control and II being broken I’m not seeing what the problem with yesterday was. I personally like the update, pvp is more balanced, new creatures and extra boosts for everyone.

This post got me in the Feels… 100% agree



Wow u are so right I mean I love this game and I have played it since it came out but I stopped for a little cause it’s just getting annoying

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