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Ludia, Please Think Before You Nerf Something

With update 2.9 patch notes arriving in any week now we have a lot to be looking forward to. However, do you know what would shatter someone’s excitement for the patch, nerfing something they’ve been grinding towards. Example: Ardents nerf of 2.1 (it wasn’t unreasonable however to harsh)

Doing a nerf that is unreasonably either harsh or not-needed is going to tell the players that have invested heavily into that creature that your time is wasted. A boost shuffle coinciding with a nerf does not fix this issue either, might save boosts, but coin and your dna have been wasted. And most importantly, your time.

At Jurassic World Alive’s currently state the arena is relatively balanced apart from apexs dominating. You could say flocks, Compsocaulus, is “OP”. While it does shift the meta there are so many counters to this creature that no nerf is needed. A fantastic counter to Compsocaulus happens to be Skoonasaurus which is new recently buffed unique. These two work hand-in-hand with each other. Skoonasaurus is wonderful in 1v1 match-ups, but is taken to the next level that compsocaulus exists. Compsocaulus is extremely powerful however does not dominate because Skoonasaurus. These two new “tyrant tier” (according to GamePresses most recent tier list) have no reason to be nerfed as nerfing one would inevitably effect the other one.

Another great example of a powerful new creature is the new Scorpius Rex Gen 3. This thing can be a true monster and completely has pushed Tryko and Dioraja out of being the top tier creatures (Tryko and Dioraja are still good but not what they use to be) However this is not a reason to nerf Scorpius Rex Gen 3 because there are a plethora of fantastic counters to it that people have most likely invested highly in, such as Mrhino.

These examples are definitely extremely powerful however, once again, not OP.

Here are a few more examples of creatures that should NOT be nerfed. Even if changing meta in PvP or skill/advantage. Albertosaurus, Mortem Rex, Sarcorixis, Diplodocus, Andrewsarcus, Marsupial Lion, Woolly Rhino, Glyptodon, etc. you might have noticed I mentioned a lot of creatures not classically used in PvP, and you’re right. However many people I know have invested highly in those creatures for advantage tourneys. Specifically, Sarcorixis, Albertosaurus, Whino, Diplo. These creatures might be really good but they can be beat by some creatures, they don’t have total rein on meta.

An example of something OP is Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus. I think a large group of the JWA Community could agree these two can be nightmares to face, and while they are counterable their sheer about of win to lose ratio is insanity. Being OP does not call for a “let’s nerf this thing to the grown and give them both 1k damage!” Being OP means to slightly modify the creature to make it so it loses to a higher percentage of creatures. I’m not going to go into how you would go about this, I think Ludia has the ability to figure that out, but I did want to make this point that you should NOT wreck these creatures. Because, obviously, many people have shoved dna, coin, and boosts into them.

Anyway, that’s all (-:

I just wanted to post this so you & Ludia could hear a bit of my view on the problems with nerfing unnecessarily. A lot of this article is also based upon my opinion on what creatures are broken, and what I find counter-able. So I do understand if you do find some of my points incorrect in some expect, however I do want to say that all my opinions have mostly been agreed upon by other players I have asked questions about this too.

Sorry for the long read, have a good day (:


Yes sometimes you work hard for a creature and then
Patch notes=nerf


You can’t really say for sure whether or not some of the more controversial creatures need nerfs or not because of how vague and self-contradictory Ludia has been with their balancing rules. Even just deciding whether or not to factor in access to DNA makes a huge difference, and even then it’s complicated because it’s hard to quantify (Ludia never weighed in on that) and they switch around which creatures are exclusive and which are not every now and then.

Even if you do agree that a controversial creature is exactly as powerful as it deserves to be according the vague rules of the game, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be unproblematic, because even if a creature’s power is justified doesn’t mean it won’t make the game less enjoyable and restrict diversity.

A good starting point for any discussion about balancing is the matchups though. Many creatures blatantly break the class system rules by beating creatures they aren’t supposed to beat by Ludia’s own standards and yet aren’t problematic at all, while others are incredibly problematic. For example, Albertosaurus has better matchups than most Legendaries, and beats creatures that should be beating it. Diplodocus has a similar issue, and so do a lot of others.
But until Ludia really starts taking their own rules seriously and being consistent pretty much anything goes.

As for Ludia’s nerfs being either over the top or way too small, I don’t know if that’s going to be changing anytime soon, especially since we’ve been rambling on about that forever. Matchups aren’t that hard to calculate, but it seems like they’re either incompetent or apathetic when it comes to the more nuanced parts of balancing. Or even the simpler parts really.


Can anyone make a list of the small of counter compy has, cuz I won’t be too hard to find and prove, it definitely needs a nerve.

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The problem with Ludia’s balancing rules is that they are completely not followed.

There are so many examples of this, but I’ll give two.

The Sarcorixis received a minor nerf in 2.7 which did definitely hurt the super-hybrid croc a lot, however it is still managing to sustain itself on the level of exclusive dna uniques. If they wanted to do balancing based upon rarity & exclusivity then rixis should have lost health instead of gain health. (I think this was a great nerf, and not too harsh however acceptable in size, but the issue is they aren’t following their own rules)

Secondly, All Apexs are completely messed up. Apexs are meant to be the best rarity in the game and they are. However any player that has a level 15 irritator can unlock two of the most powerful creatures in the game. Meaning they are basically easier to unlock then uniques but stronger than them, which doesn’t make sense.

They’ve always spoken about these rules and that this is their philosophy for their buffs and nerfs however it hasn’t been followed. But as I have repetitively stated, it just sucks if Ludia nerfs something that you’ve worked hard at and isn’t OP.

I do agree with the majority of what you said regardless Qaw.


Which are you talking about, Compsognathus or Compsocaulus?

For Compsognathus, it isn’t really a specific creature that counters it, but generally just hitting it till you’ve killed 66% of them so you can do a swap in kill. Another option is bleed and group attacks. Examples are brontolasmus for group attackers (mind games required because of hop and mock) And for bleeders, classic thyla. An issue you might be having with bleeders however is their speed. The lower the speed the better, you must hit after they do cunning strike so they can’t cleanse the DOT. This is one of my main regrets for “nitro’ing” thyla for advantage tourneys lol.

In regards to Compsocaulus, like I stated above, Skoonasaurus. Skoona is literally compsocaulus’s worst nightmare and if you’ve ever used compso against skoona, well you’d understand why. Double group attacks, damage reduction, invincibility, counter, etc. Somemore example could be spinocon, gem, magnus, dioraja, entelolania, Mammolania (to a extent), scorpius gen 3, compsocaulus, etc. Compsocaulus can also be killed by swap in attacks from mrhino and cera which also hurt it a lot, making it only viable when it is in a pair or trio.

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The majority of people saying that unlocking Uniques is easier than unlocking Apexes are endgame players, And it seems that they don’t take weaker players into account.


Unlocking apexes is definitively easier than unlocking uniques… You can use a level 7 irritator in ceramagnus, a level 11 tsintaosaurus in hadros lux, a level 10 marsupial lion in mortem, and anky in the 2 new cunning apex raids.


First of all I was talking about the unique one obeouely.

Second of all giminitian isn’t counter for compy go try it out JWA toolbox.

Third of all u r saying compyC is just fine hardly have 4-5 counter (even tho none will use spino just to counter them but will count) and nothing stands a chance Infront of it. Where apex hadro and Cera is broken even having much counter by now and slowly having some counters coming.

Ok I don’t want any explanation why apex creature r broken but I need for 2 questions.

  1. Why compyC stands soooo good Infront of the apex and unique and even a tyrant creature but not even a super Hybrid. How it is ok?

  2. Just forget about the unique resilent just take it one step further class which is the apex and the only 2 apex resilient and one if the best creature in the game hadro and Cera also stands no chance Infront of it. Why a non-super hybrid unique cunning creature not just stands good but completely defeat hadro and Ceramegnas which r apex resilient and still compy r fine. How u explain that?

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thats def how you spell gem

Skoona, Magnus, Hadros, SR3, Dioraja, Entelolania, Mammolania and Smilonemys all counter it. You clearly aren’t thinking about it more and only looking at the popular and extremely meta counters. Cauly can also get put into swap in range at the end of each matchup, whether that “end” is before or after the creature opposing Cauly dies or not depends on the dino, of course. But there are so many ways to counter it, please stop just viewing everything in a H2H aspect.


Sorry buddy if everyone is viewing anything in H2H aspect then it will be those ppl who thinks apex needs nerve. Not me. And stop using the same example and answer my question.

And yeah hadro and Cera gets defeated if u don’t know correctly, go for JWA toolbox.

Orion does well against it too

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I have all those and I am finding it difficult to win the raids.

You haven’t explained how they get defeated and even without H2H the apex’s are still strong.

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Yeah of course cuz they count that only 1 person out of 4 person who is being carried.

They completely ignore the defenation of those ppl who will carry them to show there hate for apex


What get defeated? Gem? Go to JWA toolbox and find out yourself.

And I don’t actually understand what H2H means.

H2H means head to head

Carry is needed in most strats doesn’t mean the person is a low level most strats need a tryo to boost damage and there’s no reason to overlevel tryo besides advantage

I wouldn’t say the proper word is easier and that is depending on who you ask. Sure a level 15 can be used to do a raid but plenty of endgame level players struggle to get them done.

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