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Ludia! Please turn Quetz back to a Park Spawn

I don’t know why you changed it to Area 2…


Second this. Or at least let the blessed thing spawn!

Because they love local 2 …

I like the local 2 spawn. It’s allowed me to get quetz a lot easier so i can start making pteraquetzal.

What? No at least in zone 2 everyone has a chance to find it at some point. All my local parks aren’t considered parks in the game even though they are in google maps. So once something is a park spawn I can’t ever get it.


Parks are broken. At least you can scent a quetzal in a zone 2.


Exactly what the others said. Why on earth should be wanting to make a creature more difficult to find? There’s a ton of Area 2, and very few proper parks.

Also, creature rotation allows to everybody to find everything in due time. So, I’d rather see Quetz go to Area 1, then 3, then 4 before it goes back to parks so that everyone has a fair chance.


There’s parks in all zones… That makes it easier for people who have trouble getting to other area’s.Putting Quetz in a single area makes it a lot harder for people, especially people like me who are limited to certain hours for darting… (you finally get a routine with everything, learn the spawns for creatures from the Field Guide, only to have it all changed on you…)

Why would you want to make Quetz unscentable?

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But some people live in a parkless area. You can travel to all 4 zones but not find a single park. Getting Carbo or other park spawns can be an impossible task for some.


JWA stopped recognizing one of the parks near me a while back and never recognized the other. My local is parkless. its a 10 min drive to another small park in the next town over. And it’s not guaranteed to have anything. Barely has and supply drops. (maybe 2)

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O.k. I thought there was parks in all area’s, sorry… I just don’t like change, it’s thrown my rhythm out!! Lol (plus I’m 40 away from Quetzorion which sux, cause now I’ve got to go to the other side of town…)

At least you can go to the other side of town. My closest park is like 25 minutes away since the one 5 minutes away isn’t a park in the game. I hate park exclusives.

I can only get to it on weekends if i have nothing else going on. I don’t get out of work until its dark out.
Park exclusives suck.

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No, thank you. I will say remove everything from Parks and spread throughout all Areas. A biweekly rotation will be good.

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Why not making it a daily spawn like T-rex G2?
Or allow us to put it in the sanctuary.

I am finally going to ask after playing this game from a couple of weeks after launch I still haven’t A clue what is meant by zones :joy:

@Michael_Rogers I was confused when I started too.

Zones are different areas of the real world that contain different dinosaurs. If you see a specific Dino everyday at your house then go to the store and see something else you’re in a different zone. The map doesn’t tell you and nobody else really can tell you the layout of them. Only real way is to know what zone you’re in is by what you are seeing dino wise.

Unless something has changed, these should be the updated zone areas.

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Cheers buddy appreciated :fist_left:

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Please no! I love getting quetz in my local haha.

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