Ludia please!


Please please start adding em on major highways. Kinda bull driving for an hour and it’s like this the whole time!


I doubt they will as dino spawns on the motorways will inevitably lead to an accident.


Not if your a passenger. And you can get in an accident regardless if you dumb enough to drive and do it at the same time.


If your one of the so lucky ones whose phone GPS doesn’t hang up, it’s likely you’re going so fast, stuff doesn’t have time to load. When I was a passenger on the freeway, I would grab drops that happened to be on bridges when my GPS wasn’t hanging up and had me stuck on the freeway a mile or two back. On the rare occasion my GPS and map was following along on the freeway, not all the stuff had time to load going about 80 mph. I could grab a stop or two on bridges or side roads along the freeway when my GPS had me wandering a little off the side of the freeway. I did get some good stuff on stuck occasions but just frustrating when my GPS gets stuck like 1 meter from being close enough to spin a drop.


It didn’t. I could see dinos on far side street out aways from the highway.


I was thinking more of pedestrians. In my neck of the woods quite a lot of our motorways are easily accessible on foot. Add that to the fact that there are grade A morons everywhere means you will get idiots risking their lives for dinos just as they did for Pokemon (if even half the stories I’ve been told about PoGo players are to be believed).