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If you have a shred of decency you’ll get rid of ‘open daily battle incubator’ and ‘complete x number of battles’ missions. Arena is an actual pit of misery and is far and away the absolute worst part of this game, so I dont appreciate being forced to participate in such an unbalanced and frankly unfun game mode just to get the epic dna you wont let us find anywhere else. Just because you refuse to fix the broken mess of arena you created doesnt mean players should be forced to participate in what we would otherwise avoid like the plague.


The battles I’m fine with because you can do friendlies. But yeah they should remove the dbi until arena is better. At least maybe for 1.9 to work out the arena bugs. Can always bring it back

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Or at least allow everyone 4 (even 3 will help) ai battles per day to play in arena. After that you fall into normal arena timer


Except getting friendlies is an actual joke; you have to just spam everyone who happens to be online and hope. 90% of these reject because guess what; when they’re playing the game odds are they’re busy doing something like darting or completing the stupid arena missions. And even ‘friendlies’ arent that much better since everyone and their dog abuses the broken rat’s mechanics anyway.


If you have 2 devises that u can play this game with, create a second account just to battle yourself.

For me, both are in my alliace and count for 2 battles and 4 or 5 take downs. If i use bleeders, i can sometimes get 6 take downs if i plan it right to get a draw.

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Lets just get rid of the missions and just have a button to collect the DNA every day. I swear, people don’t even want to play the game anymore but want rewards still…


If I have battle related challenges to finish, I just start battles and leave these days. Not worth my time. Battling is utter trash. Between DC, over boosted dinos, and constantly matching with much higher levels despite losing 400 trophies, it’s just not worth it.

I’m holding out hope that they’ll fix it in 1.9, but if not I’m deleting this crap and never looking back.


I really do want to play the game, just like I did before matchmaking was ruined by boosts and the new algorithm. I looked forward to battling in the arena, slowly moving up the ladder. I didn’t drop at all, I may have hit the odd wall, but that was simply overcome by grinding for more dna and levelling my team up. And adding better dinos when I created them.

Now I get punished for levelling my dinos up - getting matched with dinos way higher than my team, and if I don’t boost like crazy, I drop like crazy! Where’s the fun in that?

The algorithm seems to be a disaster for those of us at 4400 - 4900. I hit 5000 just before boosts were launched. I’m now lucky to see 4500, and whatever I do I can’t get anywhere near to where I was before. This is despite my team being way stronger than it was two months ago.

So yeah, I’d prefer not to have to open a dbi as losing at least 8/12 matches sucks. An option to do something other than have to battle in the arena would be great. But sorting the mess the arena has become would be even better!


Kind of a conspiracy theory that the poor matchmaking is by design to make your team feel weak so you’ll buy cash for boosts. Just a theory.

Looking at this in terms of making money, they weigh out that they will loose a certain amount of players but a high enough amount will fall into the emotional mind game of wanting to win and spend the money.

This is also a way to push out the free players and nullify spoofers who without buying boosts won’t be able to excel to the top.

So in response to the mess, I’ve adapted to playing at a different level.


When I made this thread everyone was like:

“It’s a challenge if you don’t like it don’t do it”

“If you don’t want to battle then don’t and don’t complain about not getting your rewards”

“It’s a challenge and reward you’re supposed to work for it. Do you expect it to just be handed to you”

“If you don’t like the game play something else”

Where are you guys at? I completely agree with this thread. I hate battles always have and I’ve hated them even more since Boost came out and ruined everything majority of us worked for a year grinding hard to make our teams spending coins and hunting dna just for boost to come out and let someone be better than your level 27 with their Boosted 16-21 it’s lots of fun.


I don’t use Boost. I don’t use dracoceratops and I don’t use Thor. Boosted thor is much more of a problem than dracoceratops. You can 1 shot dracoceratops with a couple dinos but Thor, sometimes you don’t even get a turn before it’s game over.

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For the Battle Missions I deliberately loose Strike towers and win it with last chance. 2 or 3 less PvP played and less frustration.

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At this juncture I wish arena was temporarily scrapped until the lack of balance has been fixed. Also, I would like to see the daily defense training mission being 4 battles instead of 12. 12 is overkill


no problem. soon they release an update with nice new features, a promise that many things will get fixed.

then people love game again, many start to play and purchase things, they earn a lot.

1 month later people realize were fooled again and start to complain. then the cycle starts again with a new great update.



Not for me. I wasn’t happy for Boost or sanctuaries or new creatures or mammals.

I’ve just wanted the bugs fixed and simple things added to make it a better experience and more.

-alliance leader tools
-remove completed strike towers from the map. Just like opening a treasure box turns to a supply drop so should a completed tower.
-battle mode without boost and battle mode for boost.
-scroll through dinos in a sanctuary before going in and out for a long process of not finding the Dino you’re looking for.
-view your highest dna collected from a single launch per each Dino. A stat screen kind of.
-alliance chat scrolling. It’s gotten better. At least you can chat after a battle without closing and reopening.
-reconnect issues but you have full service bars and no other apps are affected on your phone.
-remove the multiple reconnect and no internet connection screens. We don’t need to go from 1 to the other.

All of the new shiny goodies they add in the updates do not divert my attention from the really screwed up things or the things we should have. It only makes you more upset they just ignore things that need to be fixed or that numerous people ask for. Then you look forward to the next disappointment or update.

The next update should just be solely for bug fixes and patches. Nothing new to make older phones worse than they already are.


we used to talk about that since 1.6 :frowning:
so i don’t ask for bug fix anymore. ludia people need just PLAY the game to see all bugs, doesn’t need our reports, they are crystal clear.

but they don’t. i don’t think they in fact read us here anymore. only analyze game data to know whats happening and thats it. fix what they want and release what they believe is better for profits.

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Seriously,… Look at the game for what it is. Everything in JWA is a marketing strategy to get players to spend money. All the top players bought their way there,. But it also required endless hours of grinding. The game can literally consume all your time. After spending thousands and being in the top 50 for a while, I got tired of supporting the developers. So now I play very casual, I don’t even open the game every day. I battle once in a while but to stay on-top it’s a full time job,. But you are paying them. Then they will add new and improved dinosaurs for you to spend money on. Seriously great marketing strategy,… what do you have in the end? Lots of hours spent and a much lighter wallet.


Arena is a Pit of Misery. Great quote. It used to be the best part of the game, now it’s the worst.


The boosts have really corrupted the game, especially the speed ones. It really blows the fun out of it as trying to strategize goes out the window to just attempting to take out that one over boosted monster (for my team level).

I’m doing ping pong with my level 15-16 none boosted teams. I’m just a bit too strong for the none boosted level 9 players and a bit to week for the getting very boosted level 10 and 11 players.

I played mostly level 10 players tonight. I played 2 separate teams, creepy crawling tad poles with a couple gators and a team of bleeders. The bleeders were fun as when they pulled out their over leveled and boosted Sinoceratops and Einiasuchus, I would start a bleed and swap in bleed right after and they would keel over. They could be level 30 and would keel over. I would at least get one take down. For the most part when I loose I get 2 take downs.

Everything else in the game is great but the arena is totally ruined.

I tell ya, with 100 dino’s to choose from, I had a hard time just deciding what to play. Of course I could never boost all of these.


If that was their plan, it failed miserably. Boosting my dinos makes me feel like I messed up and shouldnt have done so.

I bought 1 set of boosts and used them then had a 10 match losing streak. Leveled 1 dino up, 5 match winning streak.

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