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Ludia, pls fix the connection error

You made us pay 100 cash for skill tournament that have a lot of error? The game made me wait and said time ran out without opponent but when i click battle button again the battle was already begun and i have already lose 1 dino, what the hell was that? And when i play i still hang, i cant choose the move, my dino stand stupidly and wait to die (like the way you have done to this game)

If you can’t fix your game problem, i want my 100 cash back


This tournament is a total broken mess at the moment. Can’t even get a match. Constant “timed out” after “timed out”. It’s really so glitchy.


I love the tournament but i’am getting kickd out of almost every battle😓


Of it times out

love hurts :smiley:

but on the positive side, if you do manage to get a match, and you are allowed to finish it, and you win, the game just sits there indefinitely with your winning dino in its idle animation until you close and reopen the app again to see that you managed to beat OPPONENT NAME.

well conceived and executed, as usual, ludia.


Community: We can’t connect to battles!

Ludia: Here, have a tournament.


The tournements are great when you get a battle so much better then the seasons pvp

I cant play
The game just freeze and freeze

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Just stating the obvious… Also, the minutes and minutes to find an opponent…

I was happy fighting my battles… then, when I wasn’t finding any opponents I reset the game… came back with the map screen… Everything alright… Then I went to my team to see if I should make some changes… and suddenly THE “YOU LOSE” SCREEN APPEARS AND I LOSE MEDALS! While I was changing the team :joy:

I think this speaks for itself… Also faced some poor souls who weren’t making any move… I appreciate the effort of creating this tournament, but I think you should give a better participation prize to compensate players (again) for all these bugs


Dozens of timeouts
Some before match
Some during
Some after


This is not skill based to win against someone who got timed out :S I won against two people so far who had this issue. I know that a win is a win but …

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Timeouts are MVP.
After rejoining in battle your current arena bacground is displayed. Couldn’t finish any battle normally. Even when I could play whole battle screen froze when was about to show you win screen.


yeah I had a battle continue in aviary :smiley: got scare for a moment that my weak team would go up against 4500+ trophy dinos

Yes, at it was expected :wink:

I try not to add gasoline to the fire, but it’s just way too ridiculous.
Ludia’s mess ups are the worst kind of mess ups - promises that end up not being delivered. Honestly would have felt way better if you weren’t just shown that awesome thing that oops turns out you can’t have.

  • Hey guys, here are Allience missions with some awesome rewards. Enjoy it! … after a month
  • Would you like a global grind that can get you a Premiun incubator! … that’s yellow colored
  • Wanna get some sweet Tenonto DNA? Here is a notification for it, and a special picture with her in it! … not the dino herself though
  • Introducing Tournaments! Even playfield, all kinds of teams and awesome awards! Enjoy 1 out of 10 games, 6 timeouts and 3 restarts for the very little price of 100 dollars in-game cash!

I used to play a ton of Arena regardless of my incubator spots being full. Now I can’t even grind out enough to fill the incubator spots without going through a ton of frustration. And now we double that with the Tournament.


I won 2 games, lost 1 game, got 10 time outs and when I was done playing one game I suddenly spawned in another game that was appearantly running while I was playing another game? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow: I even lost trophy points due to the time outs… :frowning:

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& Now I won a game and the game doesn’t stop and just keeps waiting for the opponent to spawn another dino, which will never come… :confused:

if this happens just restart the game and the you win will pop up


I was just about to enter it, glad I saw this first. So should I not bother wasting 100 cash then? I don’t want to enter just to get timed out and lose. I’ve lost enough trophies that way as it is. :frowning: