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Ludia, pls fix the connection error

it is tricky to say :slight_smile: I mean if you get a good RNG streak (no time out) you can easily be top500 and get back your cash and even more

Yeah but I’m guessing I’d have to play a decent amount of games to keep up. Which means a lot of force quitting and restarting multiple times. Oof, not worth it. I’ll just root for you instead, good luck! :slight_smile:

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I’m with the others. Having to force close my game each time is not worth the hassle. Silly me for thinking the team I picked would be the one set aside for that tournament. Didn’t know I’d have to keep moving them around between pvp battling and tournament battling. Again. Another hassle. I’d say 75% of my matches are me playing against the timer since my opponent got kicked. *slap forehead. How many people posted again and again asking Ludia to delay the tournament until the bugs were fixed. Now we see the result. :unamused:


Another bug: game times out. Restart the game. Tournament game is already ongoing but not on Fairgrounds… in lockdown!


Yes I think if some players pay 100 cash but decided to give up this tournament before it ended, the main reason won’t due to they couldn’t defeat their opponent.

Because they can’t defeat these endless bugs in PvP…


You think you have problems? My medals kept disappearing

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For the unnecessary stress you cause, please reimburse us back with 2x the fee ludia!

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Ludia why on earth did you put tournement out when it’s so buggy?

Oh yea, money


All wins went with force close restart.

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@J.C Please forward this: For all the bugs with this tournament participation reward should be same as entry fee or at least half of entry fee.

I’ve noticed that with mine without battling

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I paid 100 notes to enter this tournament! I did two fights and when I went to third I went in with the 3 dead dinosaurs and I was still under 20! You have launched an update with many errors! You can not play because the battles do not connect! I would like you to remove me from the tournament and give me back the 100 notes paid! or at least a part refund! Already suffered wanting to play on the day of the update and you left us last in the launch and still release a whole update badly done!

I played many tournaments in many different games but wow you set a first…

Testing anyone ?

I launched 25 games. Got 20 timeout.
Got disconnected of 2 games while the match was going.
The last 3, one of my opponent was disconnected all the match.
And the 3 wins, I was stuck in the end screen. Forced to reload the game.

And not counting the time you search for a match and it brings you the blue screen of death…

Nice job @Ludia_Developers :clap:

Screenshot_20190503-171934 Screenshot_20190503-174118 Screenshot_20190503-174930


Yep. It’s totally broken. Disconnects and timeouts reigning supreme. It’s so annoying. It’s sad because this concept is so good.

Please fix these issues, Ludia.

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This was before the battleScreenshot_2019-05-03-23-05-51

This was after the battle. Actually it showed I had 75 medals left but 1 minute later…

Furthermore…this happened when the game crashed during battle

Yes, I changed one of the dinos. So does this mean that I lost an additional 5 medals to change the roster?

In fact after the battle it showed that I lost 25 medals. 125 minus 25 equates 100. When I went into the tournament battle screen it showed 75. Changed a dino and it became 70.

This is right after it dropped to 70 and I subsequently won a battle.

It showed that I won 30 medals.
Magically, the missing 30 medals were returned to me. Lol

I got timed out in my next battle and here is the latest medal count

This tournament is becoming a joke

Can you please explain this? Pretty please?