Ludia pls just tell us how a turn works for the love of

Look so far I’ve been on the receiving end of a bad RNG and boost bull but oh can ludia explain how how this works

So after KO his erlidom my Dilorach was at this
So my opponent went with his purra so like any normal person I went distraction now ik that would survive
Turn two start and I’m ready to cleanse that distraction and Ik that the distracted counter can kill me so as I expect he goes distracts but then the game says yup that counts as the end of turn 2 and the distraction is removed!
And he hits me with a full counter…and I call rubbish cause that would mean the counter is an extra turn
… but then why did wear off after the first time I hit him and he hit me with an rampage.

So I went on crusade test and what I found is interesting cause acording to the game a counter on turn two after a priority move supposedly is not part of the turn again idk if this a glitch or not but from what I can tell you can by pass a turn using priority and a counter attack.

So to explain since sometimes they come out of order

turn one monometra goes distracting impact I go strike and hit him with the counter still distracted

Turn two I use instant distraction to go first and the distraction wears off and when meters hits me with the counter I hit back full without distraction counter

Now let me show you what should happen

turn one opponent goes distraction I go ferocious

turn two opponent goes null strike I counter attack him still distracted and strike still distracted

At end of turn distraction wears off

I’ve also tested this again twice to be sure

And once more

Turn one I distract the bird; bird counter attacks the ferocious strikes

Turn two I strike; bird counter attacks still distracted and shield strikes still distracted. At end of BOTH TURNS DISTRACTION WEARS OFF.

Now I checked if I use swap I if that will cause it to wear off

And no it stays on till the end of turn two…so why do priority moves cancel them?

So once again I tested to be triple sure it’s like that and again the distraction lasted till turn two

Then right after I get the priority cleanse example
As seen here

Turn one distraction and strike

Turn two it goes instant invincibility distraction is “cleansed” I go impact get hit with a full counter

So ya sorry but I’m sure this a glitch right? @Ned?

2 turns are 2 moves done by the distracted target. At that point the distraction wears off and full damage is resorted.

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By the way this works with all forms of distraction that last two turns these are

Debilitating, Impact, Strike, and rampage

Still that doesn’t makes sense considering not even swap moves do that so the fact priority moves just cleanses them doesn’t make sense. Considering that they aren’t a new turn but the same turn and the counter is an add on and as seen in the others a the distraction last two turns no matter what the speed of the counter attacker is

Turns are not exchanges of attacks. They’re defined by successful usable (your 4 standard moves not counting counter attacks) attacks in this game. For example:

Spyx vs Tryko

Spyx: DD
Tryko now distracted
Tryko: DSS <-- This attack has its damage reduced, and is t1 of the distract timer

Tryko: II (goes first due to priority) <-- This is t2 of the distract, because II is a move that the tryko can select, and its damage was reduced. Obviously it did nothing because II is not a damaging move, but distract was still applied.

Tryko is now no longer distracted due to 2 “turns” being up.
Spyx: PR
Spyx takes full counter damage as technically, 2 turns have passed.


The same thing happens with Ferocious on Diorajasaur.

Turn one: Opponent attacks. Dio counters. Dio Ferocious Strike (+50% Atk 3 turns)

Turn two: Dio Instant Distracts. Opponent attacks. Dio counters with +50% attack.

Turn three: Dio Instant Invincibility. Opponent attacks. Ferocious effect ends. Dio counters.

(Alternate turn two: Opponent attacks. Dio counters with +50% attack. Dio Superiority Strikes.

Alternate turn three: Dio Superiority Strikes. Opponent attacks. Ferocious effect ends. Dio counters.)

Counterattacks are weird holes in the turn order. They don’t count as part of a creature’s turn for some reason, which I assume has to do with some janky coding that “ends” a player’s “turn” after the action they selected is executed, not after the full turn/round is complete. Any non-player-initiated action a creature takes outside that, which probably now includes On Escape moves, is not part of the “turn.”

What Ludia could do, if they wanted to change this, was make something kind of like a D&D combat pattern instead. In this case, each player’s turn would include a Selected Action and a Bonus Action (or Reaction, if you wanted to get really specific about it). Depending on the creature, they might not have anything that used their Bonus Action (or Reaction) slot, but that slot would be filled if the creature had, for instance, a counter or On Escape move. That way, even if the move occurred outside the designated time where the player’s Selected Action occurred, it would still be considered part of their turn.


So I’ve been building a simulator and this is an interesting mechanic within the game. Counter-attacks and buffs don’t work how one might expect.

In effect, your question can be answered by the changes in priority. The same thing would happen if you were slowed on the first turn.

As I can gather:
If I am first. Then I debuff (2 turn). They are debuffed for two of their turns. The first of these turns resolves immediately (it’s the same turn). There is now one more turn of debuff to go. Before we resolve that, consider the opposite example.

If I am last Then I debuff (2 turn). They are debuffed for two of their turns, starting with next turn. I.e. no turns so far. So… next turn we don’t need to think about because nothing special happens (they are debuffed either way). On the second new turn (remember I was last on turn 1, it is now turn 3). They go first and are debuffed. Half-way through the turn, their debuff wears off. In essence they have been penalized twice (once in Turn 2, once in Turn 3). Thus when I land my attack on turn 3, the debuff has worn off so if they counter-attack I suffer the full damage.

Your anomaly
Let’s combine the two examples. If I am first. I debuff he suffers the effects immediately (i.e. Turn 1). He will also suffer the effects on Turn 2. However, the speed order switches on Turn 2. Now his debuff will only last until the middle of the turn (like in the I go last example). Thus, when you attack him, his counter-attack is in full effect.

It is basically an interesting combination of counter-attacks, debuffs and speed changes. The same thing happens with counter-attackers and long protection etc etc.

Also Stuns

Another fun example is how counterattack works with stuns. It depends on whose turn it is (this is why the counter-attacking Pterosaurs are also bad).

If I am first. I do a stun move. No counter-attack. Next turn, I attack. I take damage.

If I am last. He attacks. I do a stun move. No counter-attack. Next turn, I attack. He’s stunned. no counter-attack.

Fun times. Sometimes you prevent one. Sometimes you prevent 2. Better to be slow vs those counter-attackers.

Priority moves are a great way of stalling distraction.

:man_facepalming: I already said this last time. Does no one read my posts? No @Thylo_75, it’s not a bug.

Turn, based on “move”
Swap-In move Included