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Ludia, plz fix!

Good thing I could survive a hit from it. Because when this happens, there is only 1 reaction I can have:

And no, rampage wasn’t on cooldown.


has experienced this glitch myself a couple of times, real sucky feeling, esp when you know you have a good chance of winning the match.


Hey Detonatress, thank you for reporting this to us and providing the screenshot.

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Wow this is still happening!! I know what it’s like to have the attacks freeze or disappear or purple flash removals! These actually costed me the top 500 a couple months ago or more and took almost a month to go away but I still get purple flash removals but only once In a while not very often!

Before it was 2/3 matches either purple flash or attacks not able to select or I would select and it wouldn’t do it ! Ludia does need to see how this effects performances arena but at least your top spot locks in !

I do know they were working on my email for weeks as I sent in video footage of it happening of which was easy to get the first battle it happened lol

Best of luck !!

Dinolord! ! ! :slightly_smiling_face:

They are aware of it from last patch, I even sent them all the data about when it happened and what I was doing, and restarting did not fix it either. I’ve lost 1 strike tower due to this glitch and was almost about to lose another (both epic strikes) back then. But of course the next patch, they will say they fixed 9001 bugs, but not mention which, though can be sure it’s not the bugs that were obvious.

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I’ve lost 1 epic scent yesterday because of the game popping up an update message just after applying it. Also lost my epic strike Saturday that passed as I waited till Sunday did 1 battle had two left and waited but it went away.

But these issues have been happening since last spring when I started getting them and reporting issues until summer time. Thus far I totally understand the frustration of these glitches/bugs.

No reading hey should still be happening still considering how many reported them over 3 months ago now.

I’ve lost an Erliko from the swift theropod scent while going through a park. Why? Because it switched to a gallimimus after I’ve captured the erliko G2 that spawned next to it. Ludia didn’t even fix the bug they called an exploit, they just removed the ability to attract park spawns for whatever reason that they will not disclose.


Yeah they removed the exploit of scents attracting park dinosaurs but they should have scents that attract anything in that area your using it in. Then the scents for attracting specific Dino’s only for that scent. But we don’t get both only the one??! :point_up:

I ran a scent last week and a epic appeared then game froze and scent expired so I bought another epic and ran it and the dino re-appeared again (outside of a park) so that works lol :joy: again had to purchase another 1k HC scent just to get something I should have had anyways.

Things that work in our favour (exploits) seem to be fixed faster then the ones that don’t and really need attention.

I hate to sound like a complainer but I’m just telling the truth Ludia needs to know what is wrong in order to fix even if they don’t fix it fast :rofl:

Love Jurassic World Alive always will be a true competitor/player here but we do need improvements in Bugs and the CURRENT state of the game prior to any new Dino’s and new features!

Boost 2.0 would be an improvement I’m hoping :crossed_fingers:
But… What issues come with it to add onto the pile of emails they already have…?

we Need more park spawns period lol


“Exploit” lol. No wonder the thing they actually called an exploit was left, because it’s actually bad for players. While a feature (aka attracting park spawns) was removed because it benefited us with wuerho DNA for Carnotarkus, tenonto DNA for Tenontorex, and a turtle for Smilonemys (which they nerfed anyway). Also they said it will be fixed in a future update. Yeah, when tenonto is moved out of the park, and wuerho too, and turtle too. Then we have to go to other zones to chase for all of them. Well-played, Ludia.

Ned could you please help get a fix for Tuoramoloch too :(!!!

Hey InfernoCervantes, we’ve relayed the message back to our team regarding Tuoramoloch. However, we can’t make any promises. :sweat:

That’s not the only bug @Ned, the above is one I have frequently.

Utasino with shield. Super OP!

Have you tried clicking the shielding move? Please tell us what happened if you really did so.

What’s going on in this picture? You need to explain exactly so everyone understands clearly.

I’m assuming selection isn’t going through like many have shared over the past months . It’s common to see and super annoying and should be fixed on priority.

           —-LUDIA TEAM—-

BUG fixes are top priority before new dinos and new features. I would much prefer a patch with BUG fixes. Updating current features also would be okay . Rolling out new features and dino’s ect it just adds to the issues in play. Like I said before Boost 2.0 is updating a current feature and looks great. Please roll out a major bug fix . In the mean time please :pray: do bug fixes in priority like the ones most effecting our gameplay negatively…

Ludia you managed to patch the “exploits” (which give us benefits) faster then some of the more concerning issues at hand !! Which I might add have been on going for months .

We all love Jurassic World Alive! There’s no doubt in that as we are still here giving feedback like I have for over a year now!

@Ludia_Developers Bring US all to a new age where flu shots are available in game…Or perhaps applied by you so we don’t have to !! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Boost reset ? Bring it! :metal::sunglasses:

Dinolord !! (The one and only) :wink:

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