Ludia plz for Gods sake fix this!

Finally found a sinoceratops while beeing at the university. Sino stood there after I finished and I ran to her. And when I got like 25m she disappeared!!
Raaaaaaaah Ludia!!!

Really am freaking angry right now. This is just so unfair!
Why won‘t you fix this, Ludia? What‘s wrong with you, seriously? Happened so many times and now again, this little unicorn disappeared two seconds before I tapped on dart. Raaaah!

Really please fix this. Those epics are so rare and it‘s just so damn frustrating when the epic just disappears. Nearly smashed my phone on the ground.

Try to think like me: you see that beautiful little unicorn waiting for your lesson to end and then disappears right before you get to her. And then your joy just turns into dust of realization…

What you hear crying under the bed is me…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Actually I understand that it is not a bug. The epic have a very short duration and when the time finishes it disappears. It has happened to me several times and it is really frustrating because you think “if I had shot from a distance before I would have some DNA”. What could perhaps be added to the game is that, once the creature is open to be hunted on someone’s mobile, it will not disappear even if its time has come, at least for an extra period of time, for example, 5 or 10 minutes

On the other hand, on Sunday the “unicorn” appeared to me but it did not make me especially happy anymore. I picked up his DNA, I saw that he already gave me to create a hybrid of his (I have not decided which of the two) but he would stay at level 16 and, to pass it at level 19/20 when I could start being useful on my team it would be necessary a minimum of 1000 ADM of Sinoceratops more and that can cost me a couple or three more months … and then it will not work anymore.

Now I am happier to find a common euplocephalus that, at least, helps me improve my equipment. As Bon Jovi said, sad but true :slight_smile:

U know I could live with it. If there would be something like a countdown so i could know „yeah I can get there in time if I run“ or „ nope I won‘t get there in time“.

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This would be a great idea and I feel like ludia are looking into these concepts, particularly for VIPs (e.g. epic spawn notification from a survey or something). There is hope still.

That option could also be very good!

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Why not just leave class early? I mean it will eventually disappear and cause there’s no timer you have to straight go to epics when you see them.
Also spawns work excatly how they should so Ludia can’t fix what isn’t broken.

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The problem is that you see it, you go for it and when you arrive it is not there and that causes a lot of frustration. If that happens to you with a common then nothing happens, but if that happened to me with a Rajasauro (I’ve been seeing it for 10 days to be able to evolve my rajakylosauro) I would like to break the phone. One plays to have fun not to get frustrated.

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I can understand that and same thing has happened to me quite many times and it is annoying. But as I understood Germanraptor waited untill his class ended and then went to get this unicorn. He can only blame him/ herself this time.

Saw 4 kentros today and yesterday, 3 despawned fore I got there in range. If I know they were to despawn I could end up launching the drone at right moment. But what else I can do? A shrug of indifference was it. Not because I don’t find it’s annoying, but I’ve learned to not care about it. Despite it might be a good feature and a good suggestion, guess what, they decided to keep wearing your patience and love. Besides, anything you say in a preemptive manner in this forum will be convicted as"complaint". I’d go back to practice more on my shrug, you feel me “dirt off my shoulder”? :sunglasses:

Last night I drove into my nearest L2, and saw 2 Dracorex. I passed the closer one to hit the one at the end of a long road. Pulled up to it, parked, and my thumb was a centimeter off the Launch button when it despawned :joy:
Game mechanics, I have no problem with it. I was livid, but that’s just the way it goes. The other one remained for me to dart, though.

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