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LUDIA PLZ, IT´S SERIOURS ! listen to the community


Lugia, because it does not make a rotation from time to time 12/12 or 24/24 hours to diversify the green points, because I do not have any in my neighborhood, so I can not play, alias I have 2, plus the 2 I have, are in the middle of the forest, where bears and snakes live, can this be done? i stay your answer, and as i believe they have many players that are JPW LOVERS, LOVE THE GAME LIKE THE MOVIES and can not play. We look forward to your response !!! Thank you !


In the name of Arceus, someone please help this man!


The great Lugia has heeded your cry mortal.


Why so serious? Or Seriours :joy:


trolling my post dude?


Its Ludia bro. The developer is Ludia.


Literally look like an inch above your post title