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Ludia plz stop fooling with me

Yeah I know today‘s April first. Hahaha, but seriously stop fooling me.
I started battling today and just returned from my 9th lost battle. In 7(!!!) battles I had three chompers in my draw, I didn‘t have Indoraptor one frakking time.
But that‘s not all. Five failed stuns, Thor didn‘t crit once and I also got crushed by five lvl 25+ frakking rats.

C‘mon, Ludia plz. I know today‘s the day of jokes and fooling around but this really sucks. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Anyone else having ridiculously bad luck today? I seriously think they did this. :expressionless:

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Thats quite normal for my typical arena fight times/days. :frowning:

And about bad luck yes they might have not like few and made them lose (as the other players you lost against are not having bad luck) :slight_smile:

Three failed stuns in one battle. Utarinex failed, Diloracheirus failed, Thor failed.
What the frakk?

I fell from 4,6xx to 43xx and I climbed back to 4410. Doing many battles now, but this is ridiculous.

A player showed at Discord that he/she received epic incubators for winning battles today. I want this too, that‘s a way better April‘s joke than this mess I faced today!

Yes, height of really bad RNG implementation. But I started to ignore and live with these now.

Like whenever I use cloak on Indorap I always assume its fail and it fails many times (so I am not really angry) but when it works I genuinely feel happy.

Four more battles that ended with rats making me raging.
I just hate this frakking goddamn things. U can‘t predict them, u just can think ‚plz no rat“ and then opponent pulls it out and my mobile phone learns flying.
I didn‘t have my fun today. Just frustration and rage moments and arrrghh…so frakking angry, I‘m on my way back to middle Lockwood!

Jeeeeeeeezzzz plz make it stop! I don‘t understand what‘s going on, high lvl rats everywhere!:rage::rage::rage:

Really wish Ludia‘s going to nerf them so that I can enjoy the cries of those who lvled it and annoyed other players with it. :slight_smile:

Have to wait til my two posts are shown. Both got hidden. :ok_hand:t2:
So let‘s wait while I continue battling.

//Edit: Thx!! :hugs:

Hope to see you in the arena soon then i might win one haha

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Yeah in friendly battles many players ask me cuz they now they‘ll win. If u battle me and use RNG, I will lose in 90% of the battles.

I also just looove that Ludia removes 40 trophies for a lost battle, but gives 15 for a won battle. :heart_eyes:
Thx Ludia, u know how to keep me stay motivated!! :rofl:


sighs 44xy, opponent starts with Indoraptor that dodges six times. I left. I‘m slightly annoyed right now.
4,6k yesterday, 4,3 today morning and straight on my way to 4,2.

Just shows me again…no matter how much effort and money and time u put into ur team, if RNG is not on ur side it‘s been all for nothing. :disappointed:

//Edit: Diloracheirus‘s stun failed two times in one battle.

Bro I suggest stop doing arena for few hours and even restart app and give it some rest.

RNG will get better in your favour then.

Since last night I had to pick AI to fight as no player was found. 2x of them were just now back to back … of-course AI option came in after 180 secs wait which sucks really. (BTW I am around 110 rank currently and 563x trophies)

Rats around lvl 24 are normal these days. I clean them with Thor and Erli. Was about a week around 4300 trophies before climbed back over 4600 yesterday.
Losing 5+ battles usually means you should take a break for some time.

I feel you @GermanRaptor. Same at my battles. RNG Gods are not by me this morning. Take me nearly 25 battles to win two in a row. Facing opponents with full lvl 20+ teams even in mid ruins is clearly no fun.

But then I remember take a deep breath, try again and then start yelling at the opponent
My typical battle circle :joy::sob::joy:

Tryko tired. Tryko want to sleep


Yeah killing them mid battle is easy IF I have Thor in my draw. But tell me what to do if opponent pulls the rat out to finish the battle. :thinking:

Will be a good battle as i don’t use evasive unless its necesary thats why i don’t have erlidom becaise its mostly rng dependant

“Thor didn‘t crit once” :open_mouth: this has to be an April’s fool joke!!!


On my way to 4.7k trophies n I just know it’s too good to be true, waiting for rng to fail n the big drop to happen anytime from now…

If you have full health dino then you can swap instead of finishing blow. Of course if you know that you can still win if there is no rat.

RNG works in mysterious ways :grinning: I counted
7 consecutive crits against me when faced thor in two battles. First battle ended by getting 4 crits from thor the destroyer and lost. Next battle opponent starts with thor (which is a bad move because thor is not an opener type of dino) but 3 consecutive crits proved me wrong :expressionless:

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