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Ludia really hates cunnings

Wow Ludia, you finally buff poukendactylus. But you, being you, said “What? A good cunning? That can’t be!” And slashed its speed by 7. @E.D or @Ned was this an intentional change, or did you guys screw it up, because that’s a dumb nerf if true.


oof. loosing 7 speed for more hp and a better counter is way too much.

Well, still works in raids. That’s all I care about

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Don’t forget stun immunity as well. But yes, it sucks. The birds are supposed to be some of the faster creatures


Poukandactylus speed is still 123 when it was 130 and I don’t see it in the update patch notes.

You mean that poukan had 130 before the update and now has 123 speed.
If you’re gonna complain about a creatures nerf, get the stats right.

I thought it was 123. But it should be 130 but Ludia probably did ludia things and screwed up as per usual

Having spent a lot of coins to upgrade Poukandactylus, I only noticed after that speed has gone down from 130 to 123.

What gives? Nowhere do the patch notes mention this.


Yeah it is sorry my bad.
Kind regards.

I was right, and I was also right when I said slashed by seven. So don’t tell me to get the stats right when I am right


I wasnt replying to you.
Realise how my comment is before yours.

Still no need to be rude, people get things wrong and yes I got the values wrong and once I realised I changed them. @Nighty_201


Just wanted to correct you.

It had exactly 130 speeds.

I hope we hear back about this soon. I was really looking forward to using her in battle.

I really like the design of poukan, but I mean, they increase drastically his attack and his health and it is still one of the worth unique.

I mean yeah, it beat the 100% fierce.

But you can switch into any resilient and win, without loosing a third of your life…

It’s in the lower half, but certainly not one of the worst, especially in PVP. That’s a tie between dilorach and tuoromoloch

So any news on if it’s speed was ment to be changed ?
As people say it wasn’t in the patch notes and losing 7 speed is a awful lot .

why the speed change from 130 to 123 after the update, there was no mention of a speed change in the patch notes,

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This was not listed in the patch notes but pouka was not “all buffs.” Its speed was reduced from 130 to 123.

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