Ludia really hates night players

They must really loath the night crowd, as they get totaly screwed on dinos.

Lets compare the night only spawns to the day only spawns, shall we.

Day only, Park - Darwinopterus, Dimodactylus.
Night only, Park - crickets

Day only, Z1 - Kentrosaurus
Night only, Z1 - crickets

Day only, Z2 - Pyroraptor
Night only, Z2 - crickets

Day only, Z3 - Erlikosaurus
Night only, Z3 - crickets

Day only, Z4 - Ankylosaurus
Night only, Z4 - crickets

Day only, Global - Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus
Night only, Global - crickets

Sure we have anytime spawns at night also, but thats all we get. That is our only source of dartable, Epic DNA.

I personaly am close to 8k Barry DNA and 7k Brachi DNA, yet I cant level anything that needs Sino, Ours or Anky, unless I depend on the event dinos.

How is this fair, or even acceptable?
It’s a good thing we have event dinos, or I would still be down in the Badlands throwing out Stego and Veloci, at level 20 no less…


I have caught T-rex and pyro at night. Night has a lotof good rare spawns like nodo and kapro.

But |I understand what you are saying. It would be nice if everything just spawned for everyone with no day/night or zones. That way people who can’t play at certain times have an opportunity to catch the ones they usually can’t.


Rex and Pyro are day only now in 1.5 and beyond.

Rex used to be 24/7 global until 1.5 hit. I think Pyro has always been a Day only.

There is a tiny, tiny little chance that any dino can spawn anywhere, at anytime. There is also a tiny, tiny little chance that I will win the Powerball Lotto. :smile:

Rex was global day/dawn/dusk in 1.4 but his spawn rate was much higher.

Normal spawns also seem scarcer at night

Definitely an imbalance here, exacerbated by less daylight hours where its winter.


Exactly. I have only about 7 hours of dawn/ dusk/ day time. Rest of time here is night.
This system is nice but it’s not balanced well enough.

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It would make my day to be able to bike and see Trex and Erlikos spawning at night. L3 is so boring to hunt, especially at night :rofl: I’m slowly starting to transition into hunting at dusk to night rather than 1am the usual. Those 6ish hours makes a huge difference in spawns.

As I can recall ouranos and sinos spawn more frequently at night. My ouranos are flooding

I’d be happy if they’d just make it so you can change the look of night in the game to be like day in the game. My night vision isn’t that great, and the very dark look of night mode is very difficult to see for me.