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Ludia recent datamine about resilient nerf

This has gotten outa hand now to be honest with out resilient moves raptors will come back to meta and fierce will dominate again


Dear god what is ludia thinking indoraptor gen 2 is going to come back into the meta


uhm… unexpected. but it has been called for something to be done.


Nothing was mentioned about Dodge removal or Distraction cleanse so I imagine those are still in, all this means is cunnings will be able to attack twice before being killed instead of just once. Also means fierce won’t come out of fights always at a speed disadvantage.

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If they do this fierce will be on top and raptor meta will return the resil meta was possibly the most balance meta out of all of them


Bird meta :no_mouth:

Swap in completely shuts down Raptors so I don’t see them returning to force, just look at Alloraptor which is slowdown immune.


Plus it’s distraction resistance = ur gonna get sweeped and mortems and any other heavy hitting fierce can’t be stopped since most resils depend on enemy being slower and or swap in

The big damage Fierce are some of the slowest creatures in the game so outside of super boosting speed they’re always at a speed disadvantage, Cunnings will still counter them too after this (Excluding Mortem which should not have a cleanse impact).
The big issue I see now is since all Resilients can apply vulnerable that dmg multiplier can be used to buff swap in damage even further very easily.

Resilients will still have their big damage and high survivability so I don’t see them suffering too bad.

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im intrigued. wondering how resil and slowing moves will be reworked. and how affected creatures will be reworked.


That depends if the Resilients you are talking about will still be able to cleanse Distraction or not

wrong part quoted, whoops

Nothing was mentioned about their cleanse or dodge removal so I’d assume they’re staying.

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Better than resilient dominating the entire meta, just look at Lux, Magnus, Geminititan etc.


I wonder how Entelolania and Mammolania are going to be affected by this change? :thinking:

apart from Lux, they are the best Resilients on my team since I don’t follow the Swap Meta


I better live in resilient meta than dodge meta again, remember how pain you countered indo g2 and procera ?? At least on resilient meta some bleeder still usefull


Do we REALLY NEED to go back to indo g2 monomimus and procerath meta :moyai:


The res changes will be a nerf for some… but the article said there will be balancing to some underrated and overrated creatures. Fingers crossed for indoraptor (the og one) to recieve a change


I feel like alot of people are missing that the change is about taking away Speed Decrease and adding Vulnerable. There is nothing about changes to distraction or dodge, creatures like Indo gen 2 and Procera still won’t be able to mitigate dmg that well vs Resils.


hope hadros doesn’t change that much and this helps smilonemys


Where it was written this new information?