Ludia reducing hybrid fusion DNA when legendary weekly dinos are out


I got 10 DNA 9 times in a row for Ankyntrosaurus today. It’s not unusual to get 10 a few times but not that many. I usually average 20 per click. Anyone else getting suspiciously low fuses? I suspect ludia aren’t playing nice.


It’s RNG. I had the same, many 10s in a row. Just bad luck


Hmm I dont know. I got really lucky sometimes with 40 and even 70. It should be that most of the time it is 10 or 20.


i got that too with anky… and 5/6 on trykosaurus. one of them on tryk was 50 though.


I got a 100 on Postimetrodon last Friday. I really wish I screenshotted it but it all happened so fast!


Got 10 ten times in a row for Irex


Doing the indoraptor been getting 10s and 20s I thought no one noticed but glad I seen from you guys


I had the same with the same Dino. Gotta go find some more Kentrosaurus now :frowning:
I found him yesterday but my wife called me as soon as I sent my drone out! Devastation :sob:


Yeah there’s nothing more depressing than grinding to get the dna to creat hybrids then getting tens and blowing through everything you’ve collected to be left 10 short


I think with the new update coming up I think they don’t wish for players to rush for the Op characters ASAP