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Ludia, remodeled him finally or alternatives

Ludia, today i get my nw allosaurus figure (Allosaurus Fragilis), maybe it would good to show him here:

This one is allosaurus (allosauride)

this ISNT alosaurus, this what you call allosaurus isnt allosaurid, this your … something is Tyrannosauride.

Can you finally remodeled him or Add correct modell as gen 2 + utahraptor gen 2 and add a hybrid of these Alloraptor

if you will remodel him, you dont need to worry about allonogmius, you already based that hybrid on correct model.

Also another alternative is Saurophaganax a giant allosaurus type early know as Allosaurus maximus) I wish him in game

Correct real allosaur, alloraptor, Saurophaganax 3 carnivores i really wish see in game, bec allosaurus is my top fav. dino and you ruined him, + there are many carnivores = another carnivores you add lost price for me

@Keith @Ned @Ludia_Developers


Well, you have to think from Ludia’s point of view here. Every dinosaur has minor differences in anatomy. If Ludia had to create a new model for every dino, that’d probably either crash the game or lag it to the point where nobody would play it. So it looks like for simplicity’s sake, Ludia grouped dinos into very large categories to minimize the models they have to add. Allosaurus, being a large therapod dinosaur, is naturally grouped into the model with other large therapods, like tyrannosaurs or abelisaurs.

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allosaurus can still have the same animation look how allonogmius and yutyrannus looks they looks correctly and they still have same animation as a t. Rex allonogmius shows us that allosaurus can look correctly with the same animations

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Allosaurus is one of my favorite dinosaurs and I think that It is one of my least favorite in the entire game. It’s body is poorly designed, especially its head shape

But yudon has three fingers in his model. Why can’t the other three fingered carnivores have the same treatment?


Exactly, they don’t need to make new animation to fix it. but maybe gen 2 with correct model is better alternative for Ludia? Who knows

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Concavenator looks more allosaur-ish than allosaurus itself. I feel like they should share the same model type.

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Even that hybrid from their “Allosaurus” Allonogmius looks more like allo, ironic and sad… :cry: very sad @Ludia_Developers


They could base it off the one in JWA. Allonogmius looks similar to the JWA Allo already. Maybe they could just take Allonogmius and remove the fish parts lol.

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