Ludia Report Card 2022 2.0

“So this is the final report card I wrote the other day, but due to some issues, it was removed. Now, this is the report card, but I have gone back to edit it a bit and add some more juicy details. Sorry about the length, but hey, a lot has gone on in a year”


If I realised that my semi-sarcastic comment would end up in the article I would’ve added a bit more. So heres some of my opinion on the game.
Its currently very difficult for most teams to be diverse as the meta only allows around 10 creatures to be used.
If you want a fun team it also takes quite a while to build these creatures, and you’re shooting yourself in the foot while doing so, I could’ve levelled indot and shot up in the ranks, but I chose gorgosuchus because I prefer using it as an example, it did not help me climb in the arena.
And by the time you’ve built something it usually gets powercrept or nerfed into oblivion.
there should be an overall optimisation improvement, the game runs poorly on my fairly high end phone, and I imagine I’m not the only one.
Communication could be improved, self explanatory.


I agree with all of it. I think the grades and reasons why are spot on. The lack of customer service and continued paywall and powercreep aspect of this game has driven so many good and loyal players to retire their drones. Makes me sad.

What’s crazy is those of use that have been around for 4 years want nothing more than the game to BE fabulous. We want it to be better, to be something we continue to enjoy and feel good about playing. Something we refer our IRL friends to play.

I hope the right eyes read this.


Now that I am unbanned, I can finally respond to you

Agreed. I feel if they eased off the paywall, more people would get VIP and purchase things, but because they lock up so much behind paywalls, it becomes unenjoyable for people to partake in playing

I would love to do so, and would’ve a few years ago. Now, unless you’re friends with Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, I wouldn’t refer this game to anyone