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Ludia’s bots


This is unacceptable.


Could‘ve also been a dropper.


Probably a dropper.
The arena is in bad shape right now.


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Yeah thanks to a combination of tournament and march madness. Thanks to Ludia on that.


My team so far. No matter how many resources I earn or save to level my hybrids, I always get myself thrashed by players with over-leveled creatures. This is not fair. Any suggestions?


Just keep grinding it out. Try not to get frustrated from losing to better teams (nothing you can do about that). When you are over matched, experiment with you dinos to see if you can counter or catch them off guard.

Arena battling can be frustrating at times, but you can use those frustrations as learning opportunities. Some dinos can beat the same Dino several levels higher using slow downs or swaps. It doesn’t always work, but it’s sweet when it does.

Grinding dna and coin is a huge part of this game. Battles don’t get any easier as you go up. But… if you battle a lot, you will find smarter players win more often than rng will beat you. Bottom line is, embrace the grind and remember losing battles and trophies isn’t the end of the world. When you battle enough, you will end up precisely where your team and abilities are meant to be.



I think it was a bot because it acted just like any bot you’d face in a strike event. One way I was able to tell was because when it used a Dracocera it had, it didn’t swap it out after healing, and it does that little pause between every turn that bots always do. But it could’ve been someone pretending to be a bot.


The way to tell is read the name at the end of the match. Bots have specific prefix-suffix names. They also wont show up under recent players in friends list.


You’ve got 4 speed Creatures on your team, so maybe increase your overall HP.


Well, I about 150 dna away from getting a Magnapyritor. So, hopefully, There will be an event this month for that hybrid.

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I see you use the pesky rat…


Warriors of waterdeep ludias other game is on its way out. Nice report on the fourms about it.
Jwa is probably next to go. Ludia moved on long ago to that DreamWorks dragon quest game.


Well Peekapoo, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to win

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That’s harsh man but it seems like a dropper to me. Bots usually are never that overleveled. Good way to tell if it’s a bot is you take out let’s say their trex then they swap in a full health trex. Dead giveaway. Ludia is the ultimate cheater in this game.


Call me crazy, but I agree with you.