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LUDIA’s christmas Surprise for everyone...Nerf Utarinex and Pyrator to Trashbin


These two hardhit dinos are such a pity. A unique with no option move but strike… very funny. And Pyrator can increase stats but sadly popeye ate his spinach and salvaged before spinach took effect. LOL LUDIA. MERRY Christmas for giving us a reason to celebrate this season with family and friends and JWA game in the closet. Hope you realize not to discontinue the nerf on its moveset delay. Peace.

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I’ve read somewhere in amongst all the complaints that they have now removed it, so it may not happen now.


Good that way we can have post not related to nerfs on this forum again.

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Seems like it. They have changed the text back to normal. But, the intention is very much clear. And I believe it is inevitable…

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