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Ludia’s Indiscriminate Banning

To make my story short, I got temp banned by Ludia for “cheating/spoofing/hacking” when I am not.

Now, im unable to rank and compete in events.

Ludia wont “communicate” with me further after I barraged them with email complaints.

I hope they get their karma from this indiscrimate actions against innocent players.

Heck, there are obvious cheaters still on the ranking.!


It’s unfair yeah and yes there’s alot of cheaters still in the tournament tbh you are probley better off not doing it unless you wanna come across a level 26 indo every other turn or equally high uniques…

I don’t think we can NOT be in the tournament though. Isn’t everyone in the tournament automatically?

We can battle in the tournament, but can not rank, thus, cant win any prize.

how do you identify a cheater who is in the tournament?

Why can’t you rank? I’m in top 500 and I’ve played this game for less than a month and spent exactly $10.

You can’t. People claim anyone with high level Dino’s is a cheater.

You can tell if a detected cheater is playing against you : go to your recent opponent and find the one you suspect. If he has enough trophies to be ranked but he’s not it means that he is a confirmed cheater. This trick works only for ranked players (but if they were hardcore cheaters their teams are good enough to be ranked :joy:)

And for the author of the topic : I don’t think they made error in their detection, on the opposite I think they let some slip through but they flagged the worst one at least :sweat_smile:

Maybe you live in a populated area with many parks with a lot of green supply drops, and better spawning rates overall?

He asked how to identify cheaters in the tournament. If they are unranked they are not in the tournament.

Maybe, maybe not. There’s no way to demonstrate any inequality as far as spawns go.

I’m so close to a tragodistis but I only find attached most 1 eupocephalus a week.

Because I was temp banned as a cheater whatever and now cant ranked.

Thats why.

Oh come on. Perhaps, you didnt look at the rankings now. Obviously, there are cheaters still in the rank. And yes, they are hardcore cheater.

Case in point. A level 27 Blue. Tell me if its possible to attain it by someone unless they hack or cheat the game.


Actually you can using simple math. Some dinos at certain levels are 100% possible to get this early into the game even if you spend 1 million dollars.

I misunderstood your post. I thought you meant “we” as in noncheaters, not cheaters. My mistake.

Please demonstrate this claim and provide an example.

Same happened to me. I can’t even be ranked

No one in the top 20 has blue level 27 as now. So tell me where you find such player ? And by the way blue is not in the wild, the only way to acquire it is by buying truckload of incub or hack when blue was event. I guess they easily saw who were hacking event stop :joy:

I don’t deny there are cheaters outhere still. I just enjoy the fact that the majority of the hardcore one are banned :sunglasses:

Really? Just check out any post here calling out cheaters… anyone with ALL full team of level 25+ Uniques and Hybrids. Mathematically lots of people sat and did the math on this. The game hasn’t even been going for 4 months. If you’re refusing to believe it, you have your head in the sand. Yes, some teams are possible through people spending entire paychecks but some just aren’t. Most special incubators only let you buy them so many times before it says “Sold out” (cheater threads also have proof of this). It’s really not hard to do this math.

You said there’s simple.math that demonstrates it, but you won’t show me?

It’s not impossible to have level 25 uniques and legendaries even if spending a million dollars, like you said. Showe your math that says otherwise, please. I want you to prove me wrong.

You probably also think other people’s dinosaurs have higher stun chances than yours, right?