Ludia, seems like bots are back again


They are out of the leaderboard. Good. But they still make you losing trophies just like the level 30 bots before. One sometimes is barely acceptable but then you face 4 in a row losing 100+ trophies when you get close to the top 100 is just bs.

If you want to keep them battling (for whatever reason) can you at least make sure they don’t make us losing trophies ??


These are cheaters, I got the first guy in my last battle list, they still can fight but don’t have any access to the leaderboard


You can ask yourself, who would you pick of these two if you are Ludia: p2w cheaters or law abiding F2Ps?


If they were smart they would always choose the law abiding f2p. Those are the ones that’ll stay longer in the game and could eventually decide to buy something on the store. The spoofers will get quickly bored, since they pretty much get the endgame with little to no effort. Legit players will play for a longer time, which means more time to get attached to the game and eventually decide that paying for it is worth it. Also, they would be helping build a community around the game, and that sticks longer than any player, spoofers, p2w or f2p.


I don’t know, I pay and I don’t cheat just saying…no cheater doesn’t equal f2p not at all

And by the way, spoofer don’t make any sponsorship money for locations (like AMC theater or whatever they plane to do)


I know in fact you can tell because instead of a rank they have only the arena displayed in their profile meaning they are removed from the leaderboard


You’re 100% on point. And as in how I see it, ludia did something smarter, that they picked both. No one is left out in this consequence.


Except for the fact that keeping spoofers around makes all the legit players (be it f2p o p2w) deal with their presence affecting their gameplay. That’s not a smart choice at all. Legit players get pissed and leave and cheaters get bored and leave. In the end, they’ll run out of a player base.


Jeez it would be heaven if the bots were back. Just cheats currently. Haven’t had a match against a legit person all day.


If ludia did predict like that, they sure wouldn’t have stepped through the grey area. But perhaps legit players no longer need to stand the presence of spoofers in tournaments. Hope they are expelled from attending it, right? Ludia? Tell me you have done it…:astonished:


They most likely did according to the tournament rules. Yet I’m quite sure they were not successful (nor interested) enough to detect or get rid of all of them. In any case, as long as spoofers remain outside of tournament seasons, they will keep downranking other players, which would give those players a disadvantage once the tournament starts. They simply mess with the entire ecosystem of players, and that will have consequences during or outside of tournament seasons.


In the end, we’ll have to wait and see. But in the meantime I think it’s pretty useful to remember how f’ed up this whole situation is, or just vent for a while.


I just want to say that Ludia has done a great job of eliminating cheating in the game while also giving room for possible false positives and players caught up in the ban wave that did not cheat. Let’s give this all time to shake out.

The way bans work is a temporary ban at first so those false positives have a chance to get out of bans. We are still in that time period from what I understand.

Hopefully those that truly cheated are eliminated from the game or at least have their game reset and once that is done we can all pass judgement. Give the process proper time to be completed.


I truly hope you are right, man.


i suggest while facing tough opponents who did cheat, just intentionally lose to them…let them feel uninteresting!


I did that. I let my phone and do something more interesting and came back later for a new battle