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Ludia seems to be communicating with us a lot


I know the game’s just released so there definitely will be changes, QoL improvements, and they have priorities on more important stuff first, but some things I’d definitely like to see at some point

  1. Visual changes for day/night cycle (would help with knowing when certain dinos spawn)
  2. PvE stuff, Daily/Weekly missions. (Get an “Excellent” DNA extraction, get 10 dart bullseyes, Extract 10 times, etc)
  3. Sort dinos by their stats (highest health, highest damage, etc)
  4. Allow us to swipe left or right to view another dino instead of having to back out of the screen and pick another dino
  5. Community related missions, goals.
  6. A compass

Anyone else would like to add?


Do you actually play the game? Because alot of stuff is in the game.

Map changes color with day and night. There are daily personal missions… weekly alliance missions and two community missions being ran this month

A compass and swiping left would be nice though


Just to add to what @Evicton also said, the game hasn’t just released either.


The number three is needed,number four you can do it on the metahub app
Compass:if you double tap the map icon the way the map pointing/facing is the north