Ludia Servers

Is it too much to ask for Ludia to get their servers in working order. Literally have perfect WiFi and great signal on my network in my area and I’ve lost soooo many battles from having to reboot every third or fourth battle. Anyone else experiencing this nonsense?


For once, I will play apologist:
Servers are racks full of computers to route the signal. To upgrade a server, it takes hardware. All of that hardware costs money. Meanwhile:
Ludia adds more features to the game every update. New features use more processing, which would require better servers. Ergo, previous point. Servers cost money.
Ludia has implemented boosts. We don’t like them, but it is a reliable revenue stream for them which they can spend towards more staff, better servers, more features, etc.
This is why I worry about the game collapsing under its own size. There’s a lot going on in this game, a number of side quests, stellar graphics for a mobile game… As it gets more complicated, it has the potential to get more buggy.
So: do we talk about new features we want, correcting bugs that currently exist, or the ways that Ludia pays for all of it. We only get to pick two.

Where do you get the idea we can only pick two?

That’s a ridiculous assumption, unless it is an informed response in which you have access to Ludia’s financial situation and resources.

For many products, you get to pick two of three choices: Cheap, fast, good.

That doesn’t apply here.

Cheap=No boosts
Fast=Better Servers
Good=No Bugs/New Features
But please, tell me how Ludia’s a business that can operate outside of normal market paradigms and how to get this magical free server capacity.

You really think they aren’t making any money on this game???

What did you base this hypothesis on?

You do realize they have made many millions on this game, right?

Also, hardly anyone maintains their own servers these days. You rent server hardware and bandwidth and can easily scale it. As I live right off the Montreal backbone and often lose speed ties, I doubt their servers are located at headquarters.

But by all means, continue to school me on how this works.

I’d really like to know how Ludia is “operate(ing) out of normal market paradigms”… they are using micro transactions just like everyone else, other than charging much more for them. Hardly a paradigm shift. No one suggested server space is free.

This is a P2W game.

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That was essentially my point. But your first reply implying that my suggestion of “picking two” was ridiculous was what got me. The CEOs of Ludia are not diving into a pool of gold coins. Most companies operate with very little “profit.” I could explain this, but it’s skating a fine line of pushing the political rules of the forums. My point is that Ludia is likely no exception, they probably spend most of the money they make in salaries or upgrades. Whether or not Ludia is doing this the way we want… that’s another debate. Chances are, however, that they’re at a point where adding more server space would necessitate raising more money.

A province known for its dairy and maple syrup industries would not be all that surprising to be known for “milking” and “siphoning,” but what I’m getting at is that If we want better servers and more stable play on top of new features, we’re going to have to pay for it. The way boosts have been implemented strikes me as desperate, so some other game-destroying method will likely be deployed.

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I’m confident that JWA will be around for at least another 4+ years. JW3 will be out Summer '21 (:crossed_fingers:t2: cursed COVID) which would also likely bring back players and bring in new players. Since this is a P2W game I, like you am willing to bet that they have enough money on hand to lease additional server capacity to handle increased traffic, added features, and stellar graphics. It would make sense to me that they would dump a failing/floundering game they’ve developed to free up space for a more lucrative venture like JWA. I just feel like if they wanted to milk this game for an extended period of time (beyond JW3) then they need to put in the money to sustain quality gameplay.

Additionally, if it’s not clear to anyone that JWA is their bread and butter, just go check out their other forums…ghost towns.:ghost:

I remember saying some time ago that the reason we suffer so many bugs in their game is down to so many unnecessary features being added at every update.

Blood, emotes, trial towers to name but a few.

Each takes up game space and all the time we have broken chat, broken alliance dna requests, broken battling, etc…

It makes absolutely no sense but that’s what we have, and I am accustomed to restarting the game up to forty times a day now.

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Better said than what I was getting at. I could do with fewer “features” If I have to pick two. :wink:
I’ll admit that the game is ferrying super buggy, but the issue is so much more complex than just “adding more server space.”

This is the suggestion I was looking for out of you. If you’re saying that they should allocate the server space they’re using to dedicate more to JWA, I’m completely on board. If it’s just adding more, I’m sorry, but I’m already losing interest in the game over boosts. I don’t want them adding more P2W features to rationalize the purchase of more server space. Thank you.

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