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Ludia shall extend VIP membership

There has been a week since the 1.7 update. The game is only half playable. As VIP members are subscribing by month, Ludia should at least extend membership for one week. Agree?

Give us more extras. For example more darting time, no cap on money/tickets we can win when spinning supplies, better offers in store

I’m thinking more and more to cancel my VIP subscription (took it for St Pat’s event like a lot of players)

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Or give VIP players permission to adjust drone control and darting sensitivity.:sweat_smile:

Worst idea ever :expressionless:

Erm… I think after this :poop::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: of a week players are cancelling their VIPs, not looking or them to be extended

I actually cancelled my VIP.

It stops on Wednesday.

I cancelled mine, it ends on the 28th. This patch is just the worst, ever.