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Ludia should adjust points required for May Alliance Chanpionship tiers

When they broke week 3 of the AC with their poorly-planned 20/40 system a lot of alliances lost out on thousands of trophies. Some estimates were saying upwards of 20% drops in total trophies for the week.

It would be great if they acknowledged their mistake and lowered the AC requirements accordingly. I would hate to be in an alliance that missed T9 or T10 by a nominal amount and think it because of that.


Estimations are hard to make without any data. One could easily argue, that some people gained more points than usual, because they got 40 points per victory as they climbed up from the lower ranks, since everything was basically equal teams during that one event. I was not one of these fortunate people, but I am sure somebody was getting those 40 point victories off of me and enjoying those points.

This has already been done were they have lowered the points needed to get to a teir

I think if anything ludia should add points to every alliance to compensate for what was lost during this weekend. Average score at the top for this tournament by checking the leader board was approximately 500 points less then previous skilled weeks. It appears many alliances will miss out on the next tiered reward for the month. The “testing” for the new scoring system doesn’t look to be a success for tournaments. It may not be a bad idea for ludia to add points to each alliance for what was missed for most.


They haven’t for this month

I wrote a whole article showing how much that weekend cost some of the top alliances. Have a look at the difference in a comparable skills tournament. We are trying so hard today to hit 650, but I’m so nervous we’re going to fall just short. If we had those 6k or so points from week 3, then we’d have started celebrating hours ago.

An adjustment by Ludia is DEF needed.