Ludia should change the goal of the game

ludia every time x updates updates with new codas and new dinosaurs but despite all these and new dinos, the goal of the game are always the same dinosaurs, I think that this should change and bored always the same dinosaurs, if you set the but they play with the same thing for months no dinosaur of all the new ones that there is nobody uses them and in every game pvp every so often, they change the goal so that the players invent other strategies, some of them share my opinion ???

Well they gave us new Dinos and new moves on those dinos s d since nobody used them they made cloak/evade suck lol

But the goal of the game isn’t set by Ludia. It’s how you decide to play. My goal is to create all creatures (2 left) and then get my favorites to max level (1 so far)


but they are.
changing our goal to: spend more money, no matter if we like or not.


They may need to allow us reset the boosts or how else we are given a fair chance to try new dinos if the barrier in between is 3xtotal number for tier8 boosts?

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Name of the game brother, buy more boost.

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but what is the use of putting new dinos if there are always the best and the strongest and if it influences the decision of each player to use one dino or another, the player chooses the strongest one. tell us they are stronger or with which one plays more and lower their statistics and raise those of other dinos to be able to use them, and at this rate I only see a game of dinosaurs collection

Well, for me I guess they are all stronger or better because I don’t use Boost.

So if you Boost any dinosaur you’re probably making it a good one. Of course the creature’s level comes into affect as well. Their move set does too. As well as your skills playing them and rng.

Just use what you like and level it up and boost it. When they make new “good” dinos the problem is that we have to level them up to our team level or boost them to that level. It doesn’t happen overnight like Ludia assumes. That was why they nerfed the cloak.