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Ludia should compensate us for not receiving the correct amount of tournament trophies

As said in title, there are lots of players who are not, for some reason, receiving the correct amount of Trophies they should receive after completing 10 takedowns or entering the tournament. Some players receive the starting trophies and dont receive the takedowns medals, others dont receive the starting trophies and only get the takedowns points and there are some who cant receive any of it. If this cant be fixed by the end of the current tournament, my suggestion is: give alliances the next tier reward. For example: if an alliance is at tier 5 reward, give them the tier 6 incubator. I think this would be the fairest suggestion… Some bugs like this are happening since Gemini tournament. We thought this was an issue with newly added alliance members, but is is not. Ludia, please, do something!


Just fixing it would be a great start

I agree with any and all compensation. Honestly I think there should be a Past Emotional Distress Compensation Plan that sees us get paid 200,000 Coin each month until we can cope again. Seriously, it sounds like a joke, but I think it would be a good Public Relations move to reward us for all the little things that never got fixed and just give a general lump sum settlement in the amount of 200,000 over a 14 month period. 2,800,000 seem reasonable.


I think 200,000 seems a bit too much considering that lower level players use only about 5,000-10,000 coins a week

You’ve got to stop going against our benefit here and support the cause. Besides it would be monthly. That’s totally fair.

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That’s why I said “If this cant be fixed”… I just dont think they will fix it before the end of this tournament. So it would be good if they just compensate us and fix it for the next tournament

Would be great if this could be fixed and to give compensation for it. The alliance I am in had 3 people affected last championship and this championship we have already 3 as well. Not the same persons though which makes it even weirder.

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Lots of players are still unable to help alliance with tournament points, unfortunately, and no news from Ludia about it