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Ludia should consider to increase the spawn rate


We all know that Ludia has changed the spawn rate of many dinos. But why are they doing this though? What is the purpose? I think it only makes people to get bored and abandon the game sooner than later. It used to be so exciting to go out and look for them before or after work. Now I hardly do that and I believe many people don’t bother either. While I understand the game needs balancing so rare and epic dinos can’t spawn everywhere but it is very demotivating and it does make the game impossible to enjoy and play in a long run.

T-rex used to spawn fairly well prior any recent updates and now I see only 1 a week.

Kentrosarus is impossible to find now… I really don’t get why its spawn rate was so terribly nerfed.

Ankylosaurus spawn rate was already bad prior 1.4 or 1.5 but now you only get its DNA from epic incubators… How are we going to fuse so many dinos without that important ingredient?

Spinosaurus almost completely vanished. I can’t see it anywhere and I do travel a lot. I’m lucky if I dart one every few weeks.

Dracorex is another hard to see dino. How are we supposed to get and then level up Utarinex when you need so much DNA to fuse?

I also noticed that dinos don’t spawn around all those places they should i.e. restaurants, hospitals and so on…


100% they have to increase the spawnrate… people complain about zones and stuff right now its no deal in which zone ppl Life… there are no epics around anymore… nerfed 2 the ground


Yeah locals make it harder to find spawns. Even certain rares such as tenot is hard to find


To say that they should consider it is an understatement… it’s basically a miracle to find any epic in the wild

The spawn rate has to be increased and the areas need to rotate


I doubt they will increase the rates because it’ll mean less people will be willing to pay for the scents, which is why the spawn rates were “balanced” in the first place.

Fewer dinos spawning means more money for Ludia.

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Not if most ppl quit this game because of the actual spawnrate… so they wont make anymore Money…


But those scents are not that great and they don’t solve anything. You never know what you will get. I used one epic scent once and I got one Concavenator and then some common dinos… so precious ingredient indeed. :wink:

Also, this brings the issue with those scents that we get from weekly towers. They say you can get the epic scent if you are super lucky but I’ve only got one since they introduced that in JWA.


T-Rex - agree; maybe see one or two a week
Kentrosaurus - Local 1 spawn but I haven’t seen one in weeks; but I do only pass through
Ankylosaurus - Local 4 spawn - seen a couple this week when passing through
Spinosaurus - Local 4 spawn - see at least one most times I pass through
Dracorex - Local 2 spawn - where I live and work - get at least a couple a day

Nest spawns work frequently.

All in my experience - sure it varies from location to location


That might be the big frustration for many users, location of spawns. It is not consistent across the board, some locations are definitely much better than others.

I have a dozen parks in my L4 area. Two are good, one is much better than the other and 10 rarely spawn anything, several spawn nothing at all. If I only had one of the bad ones near me I would never see a single park spawn, ever. And the best one is not the largest one, it just happens to have a lot of spawn points.

By traveling around my area, I have identified a few locations where I can reliably see desirable spawns. In-between those areas, not much but the commons. Yes, you can find the occasional desirable, but it is not worth my time to stay in those areas to hunt. And several of the desirable areas are not destination locations, like a mall or large feature, they are just rural neighborhoods.

Epics spawns go in streaks for me, like RNG in battles. I might not see one for a few days, then I will see several in an afternoon. It seems when they are around, they are all around. When they are not, they just do not seem to exist.

This is the same for Rare, like Triceraotops or Dilophosaurus Gen2. When I spot one, I will find several more around in proximity points. Then, they are gone for the rest of the day. Other days, none at all, anywhere.


I used to buy scents every now and then when the spawns were better. I stopped when they reduced them because it stopped paying off. If they follow your reasoning they are completely wrong.


Spinosaurus? U mean gen 2 or 1 cuz if gen 1 I’ve been seeing like 2 a day


Agreed with all except Ankylosaurus. I saw one just yesterday. I’d say I have more Ankylo DNA than any other epic at the moment, I see him pop up fairly often.


It hasnt equaled more money for them though… this game used to hover around 120-140 in the playstore top grossing apps charts.

It now sits 194… choices like this have cut into their revenue.


Everybodies experience is going to be different because not all locals are created equal.

Ive seen 2 ankys in the wild my whole time playing.

If you go by my experience Sino is more common then any epic except Bary and its close. I know thats not really true and some people live in l1 just like me and see half or even less the amount of sinos. Its because there are different qualities of each local. Including L1, some produce alot of sino and dilo, some produce alot of concavenator and megla.


I don’t live in Ankylo’s area, I just pass by an L4 area from time to time. I’m not usually there for all that long, either.

But I’ll say that areas in general seem to be different - I rarely see Bary, despite almost everyone else seemingly finding him rather frequently.


That’s the problem. I see it, you see it, everyone else sees it but they don’t. It reminds me of something that Jim Sterling has said numerous times. Publishers are no longer satisfied with some of the money, they want all of the money and they’ll do anything to get it, including breaking their games.